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What's Important Is Who's Important

Up for debate
Or even if it's, live and let live
Each one's meaning for life can be subjective
According to likes or dislikes
To what's fun or what's not
Yet here's the thing
To relate
On a deeper level
That which makes subjectivity possible
That which allows for the experience of "unbearable or tolerable"
Is perfect peace
Undying love
Inviolate union
Which forsakes not a one
But that gives in complete freedom
We can focus or fuss all we want
On our wants
Or want nots
We can get seemingly lost
In emotions such as jealousy
In feelings of abandonment or treachery
Casting out the "outcast"
Shunned due to some apparent action of "heresy"
Yet the only "y" ending words in life that count for good
Are living lovingly
Which is possible
Then our reality
As we take time for the smiles and hugs
For warmness instead of shrugs
For the hand to hold instead of being cold
For embracing
Not just circumstances or dreams
But people
That aren't mere faces in the crowd
Or numbers jotted down
Or not
As if somehow God's nurturing way could be forgot
No more focusing on the "wrongs" of individuals or throngs
Not all caught up in headlines or the deadlines of busy-ness meetings
But truly meeting
What's important
Who's important
The one in front of us
With inner vision
Through dynamic feeling
With our only agenda being
Honoring the Divinity
Of that spiritual Being

Copyright © Michael Mayer 2007