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When Lost Means Found

Lost in the moment
Taking a moment
For presence
With whatever
Is around
We are found
And peace becomes the melody we sound
The all along song
Of the birds
In nature
The innermost nature
Of all we see
When nary a person, creature nor thing
Is held captive or bound
To fickle perception
To the temporary deception
That keeps us from fully feeling
Love's conception
Our intended direction
Beyond east, west, north or south
But a connection
Not limited to a straight line
But a coloring
Outside of the lines
As the only thing that matters
Is the spirit behind matter
That forms all form
That allows for and quiets all storms
That takes forlorn
And turns it upside down
Into abundance that smiles
On everyone
Creating a place and time
When lost means found

Copyright © Michael Mayer 2007