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"Fairy Tales"

"Fairy tales"
More often than not
Are not mythological
But are so much more logical
And real
Than the present day "reality"
That dismisses newness, greatness
In favor of the outdated pretense of littleness
They make so much more sense
Than the nonsense of "only a few limited senses"
This isn't to blame the thought process
That brought up fear and lack in the first place
Just to get back
To home base
To the space
Between defense and attack
To relate
To that which, though left for naught
Is incapable of truly being released
For though free to believe
We are not
We are forever attached
To the eternal ease of
We Are That We Are
The mythology is in the belief in a time and place
That love is not
Or that is, but only up to a point
For love itself has forgotten it is joined
Children love to dream
To daydream
Because they can See
What "grownups" do not
What we've temporarily forgot
Fairy Tales?
Perhaps the biggest tale is in not giving the miracle
Nay, naturalness
Its fair shot

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007