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"Copyright"...How So?

Maybe it's not ownership
That personifies a life
But mankind's lie
That borders, boundaries and lines
Can regulate, protect and define
What already inherently thrives and shines
Maybe it's this need to own
Our belief we Can own
That allows for love seemingly opposed
For the feeling of isolated and alone
To be sown
And sown and harvested it is
Unless heaven on earth is lived?
Unless we wake up feeling perfectly free?
Unless we extend perfect freedom?
To all people and things?
Perhaps we need not worry about
Copyrighting, as it were
The guarding of our personal world
And realize
The land we step on
Belongs to everyone and thing
Just as the air we breathe is free
Perhaps as sharing becomes the order of the day
A new order will take the place?
Of the old, services rendered for pay
Where give and take
Will give way
To The Way
Of the Garden of Eden
Perceived within each
And every One
Then maybe Naturalness will be allowed to have its say?
Then perhaps play will be more normal than work
And as effort leaves
Will produce without stress or strain
No more fear
For there's no more lack
No more tears
For joy is back
Paradise, once again, becomes the earth's terrain
How so?
When all comes from and "returns" to the same light?
Here's to Seeing in a new light

(c) mike :) :) :)

What comment to make on this

What comment to make on this piece of art? Wow...My breath was taken.. God flourishes inside you, Mike!

TY and inside U as

TY and inside U as well...Blessings Now and Always, in all ways...mike