Stop Looking Back

God said:

Anxiety comes because there is something you have not attended to. The focus of your anxiety may not be what you really need to attend to. What you have attended to may be a diversion.

Anxiety may seem to come unannounced, but you have paved the way for it. You have strewn bits of your life like apple cores here and there, without regard for what you are doing and where you are going. You leave a trail so you can keep to you where you have been, and the pay-off for that is anxiety. Anxiety is something out of the past.

You think you don't like it — anxiety — yet you maintain it.

You like to think that anxiety is an unexpected visitor who just happens to drop by. But, all the while, you have invited and made ready for it. You have been too modest to claim credit for your anxiety.

Anxiety is an unsettledness that you like to think you abhor, but yet you call it to you.

What is it that you don't want to think about? What is it that you prefer to keep at bay, and for what you would rather incur wisps of old anxious thoughts instead?

You chew the fingernails of your life with fitful fretting anxiety.

Replace anxiety with love for yourself.

Let go of remorse. Let go of counting all the things that you didn't do right or all the wrong things that might befall in the future. Do not hold anxiety-ridden thoughts to you. Let them go. They are old stories. You are on to new ones now.

Anxiety is a recurrence of something old, and now you say goodbye to it. Your anxiety-ridden thoughts are not more powerful than you. They are, after all, your thoughts. Don't pull anxious thoughts into your heart.

The cure for anxiety is to withdraw from it. You don't need to push it out. You simply absent yourself from it. Step over it.

It is the old you who has anxiety. The new you has greater vision. No longer need you be caught into the net of anxiety.

Move yourself forward. Climb a different hill. Relieve anxiety by rising. You are not the prisoner of it.

You need not rely on drugs to dispel it. You give such power to chemicals in a mere pill or capsule. Your thoughts outweigh chemicals. You are not your physiology. You are not even your psychology, for you are beyond the names given to any aspect of you.

Your anxiety may not be your own. It may be an energy of the world out there misplaced in you.

In any case, you can know, wherever it comes from, anxiety is misplaced energy. It is stifled energy.

It is time to clear out the drawers of your mind. Clear out old thinking. You have been storing it in the event it might be needed in the future. Your old thinking was never needed. It was just a way to keep you out of the present.

Presentness has to be better than your old thoughts.

You have new energy now, and so your thinking needs to catch up.

There is good right in front of you now. It is waiting for you to pick it up.

Anxiety is inaction. It comes from staying in the same place. Now it is time for you to rise. Anxiety serves no purpose for you. Leave it behind. You have already left it behind. Now stop looking back for it.