Every Day

God said:

This is a day for rejoicing. All days are that. Only you thought that some days were for mourning or anxiety or something less than joy. You thought there was a difference in the slate you write on, as if the writing is of more substance than the slate. The slate is the day itself, and the writing is the occurrences that get written into the day.

Every night, you can erase the day's events, and have a glorious new day ready for you on the morrow. That is the true state of affairs.

You have thought that the ink dries, and that you have to be stuck with what has been written. But your days, if you but knew, are written in invisible ink. All of them.

That must be so, else how would you ever get out from where you have been? You do not even have to start where you left off. Every day can be its own page. Turn it.

Or every day can be the beginning of a new chapter, if you prefer. What are chapters but arbitrary groupings of pages? Perhaps you like to group your days and give them titles — The Sad Years — The Days of Infamy — Accumulated Sins — and you throw in one or two Springtime of Youth — Diploma Day — Blue Skies.

Entitle your day beforehand, not afterwards. That is how you make your day.

What shall you call today? Call it Most Auspicious. Call it Fantastic Day. Call it Day of Miracles. See what befalls you when you entitle your day ahead of time.

You are entitled to good days. You are entitled to beauty and merriment. You are entitled to all good things. Set yourself up for goodness. Be alert to it. And, if today it happens that you are not a receiver of glad tidings, then be a giver of glad tidings, and your day will have been well-named.

Can you not bless your day beforehand? Can you not do all that you wish I would? Can you not lighten the corner of your world and, therefore, the universe?

Let today be a wonderful guest in your heart. Take this day around with you and show it the sights of your heart, for it is your heart you greet the day with. Your life takes place in your heart. All the time, you thought your life was something outside you.

Perhaps you have not been gracious in welcoming your day. Perhaps you thought today was going to be a day like all the others, and that you would be bored or troubled.

Rain or shine, this is your day. You say you do not make it rain any more than you can make it shine, but I say your day is not dependent upon the elements or anything else that writes itself into a page of your day strewn before you. Your day is your intake and outtake of what occurs. You enter your day, and you gather its fruits. You are the gatherer of your day. Take what you like and leave behind what you don't. You can pick up stones and you can leave them behind. You do not need to pack all of the day's occurrences into your heart anymore than you do into your shoe.

Fill your heart with Me. Replenish your heart with Me. I am Balm. Nothing has My might. What can daunt your heart when it rests in Mine? How can you nitpick your day when you have Almighty God residing within your heart? And, why would you? Why would you?

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Hello Friends,

God said all the time
When you have God within you
What can daunt your heart

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