God said:

When you feel doubt in Me, note that you have picked it up somewhere. You have appended it. You have latched on to it. Doubt doesn't grip you. You grip it.

Like anxiety, you think it strikes you from an outside force. But doubt strikes you from inside your mind. Some logical conclusion makes you aware of doubt.

For instance, the cruelties in the world make you doubt My existence OR My existence as God Almighty. You think perhaps there is another power that really rules the universe, one contrary to the concept of goodness. Yet I say again and again that all that exists is you and I, and We are the power and the glory. If We are the power and the glory, then We are not the cruelty. We are not the selfishness. We are not the hurts in the world.

Yet, you question. If God as love exists, then why does He — and how can He — allow suffering to be rampant on earth? Where is the God of mercy you crave to set wrongs right?

No wonder you have conceived of a God of punishment. No wonder you have bound righteousness and punishment together in one sheaf. But I am not a judger, and I ask you not to be either. There is not merit in it.

Your belief in retaliation is an imposition upon creation. You are not an avenger. Nor am I. How We balance the world is to dispense unimpassioned love. If there is unkindness in the world, We right it with a bigger vision. You can call it kindness. Give kindness to your throng, not cracks of the whip.

You strew rose petals, not shame. You sing songs, not dirges. You do not make someone confess. You do not lash anyone with words. You do not point out the error of their ways nor call it sin.

Turn your heart and mind to the goodness that is also rampant in the world. And which is rampant in you. Incur goodness with your attention.

If you have a tear in your dress, and you keep pulling at it, you make the tear greater.

If there is a pothole that trips you up, if you jump up and down on it to trample it back, you make that which you don't like in the first place bigger. Futile is your jumping up and down on inequities.

If you have the strength of heart to fill up the pothole, that is better. But if your heart cannot in truth do that, then lift your thoughts. Find another path for your attention to walk on.

This is not pretending that potholes do not exist. This is shifting your attention to the rest of the road, shifting your attention from what is absent to what is present.

If you bemoan the lack of innocence in the world, then seek out innocence. If you bemoan cruelty in the world, be the opposite. If you bemoan the lack of right living in the world, then live right. Be that which you desire more of in the world. Do not emulate that which you do not want. You cannot arbitrate others to be what you want them to be or do, but you can conduct yourself.

Do not complain any longer about the inadequacy of the world. Get off your high horse. Champion the goodness. Remember good manners. Do not be ungrateful for what I have given you. Because another makes sport of creation, it does not mean it's all right for you. When others pull the world down, lift it up. Where there is darkness, open the blinds. Let the sun in. Do it as your offering to Me.