The Glory of Creation

God said:

The fullness of the sun is glory. Certain crescendos of music are glory. Certain faces sing glory to you. Certain paintings. What you feel when creation speaks to you is the glory of creation itself.

The word "glory" has come to be associated with fame, but true glory has nothing to do with fame. Fame is very much of the world, and glory is when you go beyond the world.

In those moments when a sunrise steals your heart, or music captures your soul, or a child looks up at you with such trust that your heart is melted, or a magnificent Human being says something that makes you know there is wonderful God and that He is your benefactor, that you are His glory on earth, that you are on the threshold of something glorious — at those moments of pure art of life, you are in the moment.

For a moment, you have stepped out of time and space. It was right there, immediate, that moment. There was nothing but itself. For a fraction of a second, you knew eternity and you knew Heaven. You jumped to Heaven. You were teleported. You teleported yourself.

In that instant, you held Heaven in your hand. It took no time at all. Nothing had to happen but your awareness. Heaven was always in your hand. It is ever there, only you had to notice. Something in the universe sparked your knowing, and you saw where you were.

It is hard to continue on without that spark of knowing. And you want more of it. How you want more!

You cannot force your entry here. Heaven rises to your awareness on its own. It will come as if on its own, but you can be ready for it. You can have it in mind. You can look for signs of it. You have spent much of yourself looking for disaster. Now you are looking for what you desire and which desires you.

You become a patient explorer of the universe. You have no deadline. You have no time limit. Of course, when you enter into timelessness, you do not have a watch of minutes or hours or a calendar of days, weeks, months, or years, not even eons, because in infinity, eons do not exist any more than minutes. In timelessness, you sail the high seas in a sail-less ship on waveless space. Nothing exists but glory. There is no non-glory.

It is not that you have to glom on to glory. You happen to be it. You are already it. You are so immersed in it, you don't see it.

It is like this: You don't have to know you have red hair in order to be a red-head. You can be color-blind, but that does not change the color.

That is the whole point. You are glory. You are not glory-less. You have been so unaware. So disbelieving. You have believed insults much more easily than Truth. You really pay attention to affronts. In truth, glory is affrontless. And you are glory. You are My glory. Believe you are My creation. You are not your own creation. You have, however, believed in your own fabrications.

There is nothing to make of you but what you are. The truth of you cannot be improved upon. The untruth woven around you can be torn off. You must tear it off.

Arise to your full stature. Acknowledge the wonderment of creation and that you are a part of it. Not a little part but an instrumental part. You are not a kink in creation. You are its summit. It is all contained within you.

Begin your ascent. Rise in the elevator of your knowingness. You are going to the top. No longer do you get off at ground floors. No longer are you lost. You know exactly where you are going, and you know exactly where you are from, and you know exactly that there is no height to which you cannot rise. You are a supreme being. You are worthy to be My child, and you cannot escape it. Not one of you. Accept your worth now. Honor Me with acceptance of your worth.