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Stop, Look & Listen

[This is Scott's Godwriting. Scott just took the workshop. Scott has not included his words to God, which Scott started with:
Dear God:]

God to Scott Arant:

All I ask from you is that you would stop, look & Listen to what I have to say to you. Many of you learned this principle when you were young and in school in order to protect your life from harm. Your school teacher would show you how to cross the street at the cross stop and she implanted into your psyche to watch out for oncoming traffic with these words…stop…look…and listen. She did this because it was something you could easily remember.

You began to practice this and it served you well by protecting your life and keeping you from stepping in front of an automobile or ongoing traffic and being killed. This same phrase…Stop…Look…and Listen can serve you well when it comes to connection and intimacy with me too.

All I ask from you is that you would Stop…Look…and Listen to what you are really feeling. It is quite organic you and I and our relationship…just as all relationships are relatively simple and organic.

First it is important to stop. That means quieting your mind and your heart at times during the day and taking time for just yourself. This will strike most that have been so programmed that you always must be doing something productive or that is being lazy or irresponsible. This is far from the truth. You have bought into the lie of the ego and of others who have implanted this into your minds. This is not the case when it comes to you and me and our relationship.

Like, any relationship, time is an important factor in the nurturing of it. Think of the time you and your lover were first in love. All the time you spent with each other…just to get more familiar with them…to really get to know them. This was fun for you and your partner…this was exciting. Just the thought of being together with your lover fostered this feeling of that you couldn’t wait to be together again. This took time and commitment on your part to foster and nurture this relationship. It was important to you.

What if rather than spending time with this individual you decided you had learned enough about them and that time wasn’t important anymore…you really did not need to spend more time with them because you already knew them. How do you think that relationship would turn out? How long do you think the relationship would really last?
Many of you have already, and tragically found out this truth already…it would not last very long.

Why, because all relationships whether with a lover or with God need to be nurtured and honored on a frequent basis. If not, one of the two in the relationship will lose interest and start to seek another relationship where their needs are fulfilled. The same is true with us…you and me…we need time together to get to know one another better. It is not that I will ever leave you…because I made you…I love you…I am always happy and thrilled to be with you and I experience everything you do. You have no idea how much I long for this relationship to grow. I am constantly nurturing you in it too. I am constantly amazed at you. I am like a parent who sees nothing but good in his child. That is how I always see you even when you don’t see the same way as I. If you only knew how much I loved you and longed for you, and wanted to be as your best friend…you would not keep avoiding me or running from me as if I were your enemy chasing you down.

That, is not my nature…my nature is perpetual love and joy over you. You are what excites me, and what gets my juices flowing… and I cannot keep from thinking of you. All day long and all the night I long for us and our love for each other. If only you knew how much I love you and how close I am to you, you would never again accuse me of being far away or not hearing your prayers.

Please stop all your activity that you think is so important and take some time to be still and quiet so that my mind can become your mind. This really is the importance of meditation. Meditation in its simplicity is just stilling your mind and focusing on your heart…which is my heart. Allowing me to fill your heart with my love for you and reassurance that I am always near you and long for you. Can you please just stop and take some time for us?

Start to Look. Look everywhere for me. So many accuse me of not being somewhere. God is not in this area of the world, they say. Or, God is certainly not in this circumstance where I stand now. Or, God can’t be here or he can’t be there. This is all your perception and your perception is flawed by what you have learned and been taught.

God is everywhere and in everything. It only stands to reason…I created it all. All things consist of me. It cannot be any other way. It is only your smallness in your perception, and your small view of things that tell you differently. When you are convinced that God is not here or there…Stop and tune into my station…my frequency… and you will quickly see that that is not the case. Be a receiver like a radio tuning device that picks up the sound wave of the infinite…of God…of Love and all that I am about.

Then when you stop and look…then focus on listening. I am always speaking…are you listening to what I am saying? So many think that I am not hearing, and that is never the case. Some think I will not hear because they have done something wrong and sinned and that this separates you from me. This is never the case my child…my love. This is what someone else has told you how I am and how I act. I cannot ever be separated from you just like you can never be separated from me. It is impossible. Even David the man after my own heart [anoher workshop participant]said… “Where could I go from your presence and where would I hide? If I made my bed in hell, even there would your presence be there”. There is no place or spot where God is not.

So, do what your great teacher is telling you right now…Stop…Look…and Listen. When you do this your life will explode and be propelled into all that you wanted it to be.

I love you,

Scott, I have the impression

Scott, I have the impression that you have been Godwriting all your life!

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

P.S. Will you pick out a selection from your daily Godwriting that is not published and send to me? Along with samples from the other participants, I will post it in the Godwriting blog as a Heavenpetal.

Hi Gloria, You are so

Hi Gloria,
You are so kind...

I will send you some of my writings that perhaps I have not already sent you...

Blessings and Love,

D. Scott Arant

i'm quite speechless...this

i'm quite speechless...this is a good thing...a God i may stop...look...listen to what abides in the Heart...Find...what's...who's...already "there"...Here... a witnessing...fruit to bear :)