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Jesus at the campfire of consciousness

Whenever I need an answer to some specific questions I will take Jesus to a "spiritual campfire" where he shows up and I talk to him about any questions that I have. One of the questions was about himself and and some expanded thinking of him that I wanted to make sure he was OK with...Here is what he talked to me about around this campfire...

Message from Jesus-July 8th, 2007.

Scott, you and me are going to make a great partnership. Scott, you don’t have to give me up you just need to know that you and me are one and we always will be. We are brothers. I am a son and so are you. As I was one with the Father, so are you one with the Father. Instead of relying on me as your total salvation-see me rather as one person who had a wonderful and perfect relationship with the Father and that I was the “way shower” to all mankind of what a beautiful relationship with God the eternal Father one could really have.

I never desired anyone to make a religion around me or to even worship me. That would be like you coming to earth and fulfilling your contract and telling people to worship you as God. Yes, you are God, as far as genetic and spiritual composition but you are not the originator of all-either was I-I was just the “way shower” to help you understand as a human being you can have an intimacy with the originator and the Father of All. I didn’t do it to make you dependent on me. Do I love you? Yes, do you love me? Yes. Do I want you to worship me? No. That was all man’s concoction and a way for man to project his ego onto God. Man always needs a savior. They will try to make a savior of you too-But first they will call you a devil and try to kill you. It is after your death they will make you a saint or a savior.

Just know and consider me as your elder brother and one who has showed you that you can transcend this earthly plane and you can overcome. I was one who overcame; just as you will overcome. Scott, if you really only understood how big and awesome God is, you wouldn’t be held down with any limited beliefs, and you would know on a heart level that all things are possible to him that believes. There is nothing too hard for God your Father to do in and through you. When you go to this infinite belief and quit putting God in such a small box you will be utterly amazed at what God really can do. It is not that God is confined by anyone as He is unlimited in all spheres of creation. It is that you have limited Him and restricted Him by your own limiting beliefs about Him.

Imagine Scott that nothing is impossible to him that believes. My Holy Spirit will teach you all things if you just ask and you do not impede your own spiritual progress with human and limited beliefs. My way, which is God’s way, is very simple. Man has made God oh so hard and complex as this is the way the ego works. Ego is the tower of Babel that says “I don’t need God.” “I am terrified of God.” “I don’t trust God.” “As God will hurt and punish you and God will do you in at the end.” That is so not true! The ego will do and create this false reality if you listen to it. That is not how God does anything. Man has created this false god image for you. The Holy Spirit is the one who will undue it and teach you otherwise.

Man’s ways are not God’s ways-God’s ways are all available for you to grasp onto simply by trusting and believing and turning from the ego way that is contrary to God. This idea and belief of punishment is only the egos way of keeping you from this transcendence of the natural into the eternal. You, Scott, and all my creation are eternal just as God is eternal. The nature of God is your nature and your transcendence is as easy as listening to the Spirit and turning from the ego. You took on this human assignment because you wanted to know this transcendence of the ego-that which was created by your own limitations.

One of the greatest fears that mankind has is that he is capable of anything, and connected to God, can transcend all earthly limitations. Your mind in connection is the mind of God. God so wants you to know this to your deepest core. The only limitation you have is the idea you are limited-which is the egos idea you have embraced and practiced. You are in human form for the reason that you can know transcendence. The ego would tell you that I am your savior and the only way to God; but that cannot be. God would not confine Himself to such limitation. Being unlimited, God wants all His sons to know him like I knew Him. Consider me as your elder brother and one who has gone before you to show you the way. Know that I transcended and so can you as one who is connected to the All that Is. With God as your partner nothing is impossible. Limitations are created by the ego-mind not the Christ-mind, which is the God-mind.

Let go of these limitations and you too will transcend. This is your inheritance as a son, and so help all the sonship to come to this same transcendence. This is your mission my beloved.

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D. Scott Arant

So true!!! Thank you for

So true!!!

Thank you for sharing, Scott.


awesome, Scott...thanks so

awesome, Scott...thanks so much...this reminds me of a writing workshop much like, the same as, Heavenletters wherein one has a dialogue w One who is loved and revered as a hero of sorts...what ?'s would be asked...what would that One say? it's about perfect communion and ultimately the erasing of fearful belief that there is or ever could be any disconnect between us and love...michael:)

Xenia, your name sounds

Xenia, your name sounds greek. Is it?



Yes!, Maria. It is also a

Yes!, Maria.
It is also a Russian name but, I am neither. Born in Latvia, which borders Russia it inspired my parents, I guess.

When I visited Greece many years ago, I found out that in Greek, the name signifies 'hospitality' and was supprised to discover that a whole chain of hotels had that name. :big

Having lived most of my life in Spanish or English speaking countries, none there could pronounce it properly, therefore, when I come across a Greek person, I have them pronounce my name and it is music to my ears! :thumbup: