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Different Faces, Same Face

God said:

Different Faces-Same Face

Look around and see all the different faces that you see. Round faces, thin faces, grouchy faces and smiley faces. All the faces of the world that you see are actually one face…mine. They are all in different disguises but they are actually me. Why? Because, all are created by me, and are a piece of me. They all show up differently though, and that is how I designed it to be. They are all a disguise…a mask if you will. They are actually only one face…the face of God.

Jesus taught this when he was here on this earth. He said, “Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these my brethren, (and we are all God’s children-brother’s-sisters) you have done it to me”. Jesus was teaching us that there is really only one. When you did something to one…whether an act of kindness or an act that was less than kind…you did it to God…and to yourself!

This is what some would call the law of Karma. Jesus said… “What you sow, you reap”. These are divine principles that are non-negotiable in nature. What many don’t realize is that, when they do something whether seemingly negative or positive towards another brother or sister of the universe, they are actually doing it to themselves and to God.

This is taught in many of your churches, schools, synagogues, and other religions, but few actually live it. They say, “You are my brother in church, but you are not my brother in business or out in the market place”. This is a self-deception that many have perpetrated on themselves. The real truth is…you are doing it to me…and to yourself!

Why would you want to hurt yourself? Why would you want to inflict pain unto yourselves? Do you not have enough pain and grief in this world? Can you but remember who you really are? You have accepted a lie. The lie is that you are separate from your brothers and sisters in this world…and this makes you separate from me too. Although, you are never separated from me…and I cannot be separate from you…neither do I want to be separated from you…ever.

The truth is…we are one…and all your brothers and sisters are one with you. When I look at you, I only see me. When you look at others who do you see? If, you see me, then we are in agreement. It is said in the scriptures… “How can two walk together unless they agree?” It is the same with this divine principle…it is immutable and non-negotiable. In fact, it is impossible to see it any other way. If, you see it another way, you are not in agreement with me and this immutable and universal principle.

Just think of it. Just by adhering and practicing this divine principle, no one would need to hurt his brother or sister. No one would have to kill or destroy another life. Peace would prevail upon your earth. Love would assail and you would indeed have cities of brotherly love. You wouldn’t have to lock your homes at night and your family’s safety would be fully secured.

Your world as you know it would drastically change…even overnight with the practice of this one spiritual and divine principle and precept.

Can you see me in your brother’s face? I am there. Can you see me in your sister’s face? I am there. Can you see me in everything? I am there too. I am everywhere…just as you are too. We are one. Do you believe this? Do you practice it? You would do well to do so. Your life would change exponentially. Are you ready for this transcendence? Well, I hope you are for your own sake…and mine…and your brothers…and your sisters…and your world’s sake.

When you look at another, see me and see yourself…because I assure you…without reservation… WE ARE ONE, WE ARE THE SAME FACE!

You are indeed blessed if you know this and follow it my beloved.

Scott's Godwriting

I saw so many faces

I saw so many faces today...................thank you for bringing to my attention,.......that each and every one of them was a face of God!


Blessings and Love to

Blessings and Love to you...Xenia


D. Scott Arant