Star Light, Star Bright

God said:

Why do you do the things you do? What are your actions for? What is it you want to accomplish? What is your motive? What is your intention? Why do you do as you do or not do? Consider this every once in a while so you are conscious of what you are really choosing.

Do you choose to appease your ego? Be alert, for following ego is a losing game. One such as you who is made for greatness must make choices bigger than the ones ego would have you make. Ego's whims are too small and fragmented. Self-serving does not serve even you. Make your choices for something bigger than ego.

Sometimes you are on automatic, and you chase something without thinking about it. You chase because you chase.

The same act, made for varying reasons, is not the same act. What is exchanged? What gain is there to Humanity? Where your heart is makes all the difference in the world.

Fame and fortune by themselves aren't big enough for you. Decisions based on self-gratification can only be limiting. Swim further afield. You live in more than a corner of the universe. Truly, you want a mission.

A mission keeps you from jumping from one stone to another. A mission grounds you and buoys you at the same time. It gives great energy. As great as you are, you need greater than your individual self. Blessed are those who see beyond themselves.

What mark do you want to make in the world? What is it you would like to communicate? How far would you like to extend your life? What do you demonstrate? What are you an exponent of? And what would you like to be? What are you seeking, and what do you give? And to whom? And to Whom?

When you have a small picture of yourself, you commit to smallness. But you are meant to commit to greatness. Start now. Why would you want anything but greatness — why would you want to be a part of anything that is not great?

Let your motives extend beyond yourself.

Let your motives reach the stars or beyond. Be like the stars. Stars do not shine for themselves. It is not for their edification that they shine. They shine because that is what they are for. How long could a star shine in the night sky if he shone only to see himself? A star lights the world, and that makes all the difference to the star and to you. Stars shine on you. They take great joy in shining. They shine for more than their happiness. They shine for yours as well.

Seek fame and fortune as the night stars shine in the sky, ever lighting the way. They do not say: "See me. Admire me. Look at what a star I am!"

Stars say: "See how lighted you are. See me and know who and what you are."

Think of it. Stars shine everywhere for everyone. They are magnanimous in their light. They are indeed something to wish upon.

Be like kindling wood, and be a spark that lights the fire in other hearts. You who breathe My breath are meant to inspire. You are meant to light the way for others who may be more earthbound than you. Who is going to free them if not you?

If everyone would think beyond himself, he would reveal himself and how beautiful the world of man is, and everyone would see his own magnificence shining.