Your God-Given Life

God said:

You would not seek safety unless you were concerned with danger. Concern for safety does not make you safer.

In terms of the relative, all of life is a risk. You are often afraid to take risk, even though it is inevitable. You will gamble at cards, but you think risks in life are too high and, therefore, dangerous.

Rather than think of risk and danger, think of the One Who holds you high above the fray.

When you think that the physical realm is all of you, you dodge life. You disembowel life in the hopes that it won't notice you and will leave you alone. But life is to be embraced. You are to embrace your life.

When you know the unending dimensions of life, the mere physical does not hold you captive so much. You come to know, really know, deep in your heart and deep in your being, that the physical, as wonderful and capable as it is, is the least of you. It is a token of you. It is not you.

It is a symbol of you. It is a contraction of you. It is like a logo designed to represent you. It becomes a consensus and you are noted as Jane or Dick. You are known as a particular individual, and you, of course, come to believe in such a meager description of you. If your body were the extent of you, there would indeed be occasion for calamity.

But the physical is not the extent of you. It is only physical, and you are great Being.

Look, you are held in My embrace. You cannot fall from My arms. And yet, your body will end. When you take the physical as all of you, or as the most important of you, you can only be in fear, and fear the inevitability and fear the knock on the door.

Even though your body will be claimed in its time — the body is of the illusion of time — it is not a huge event, and yet it feels to you ahead of time like the end of everything and the end of you.

As I tell you that death of the body is not much at all, I also tell you that the life of the body is significant. It is to be honored. You do not honor this precious life by fearing for it. Looking askance is not how to spend your God-given life. On earth you seem to be captured in this nonexistent time, but you are beholden to move and move on within the framework, and so honor your physical existence and that of all others.

Revere life while you live it. You revere it by living it. You cannot put your life in a museum to preserve it for all time. Life is to spend. Participate in the spending. Consider the spending of your life on earth as an extended loan, even as a gift that is yours to spread around as you like. There is a due date on this gift, but your life on earth is yours as long as you have it.

Life on earth is not a waiting game. You do not parry with life of the body nor the death of it. Do not make bargains with life. There is nothing to trade your life for. Do not lie in hiding for the moment your body is cast off. Death of the body is the soul rising out of it. Is this really cause for such woe? Celebrate life on earth, and that also includes the gift of death.