When Stars Are Not Seen

God said:

Sometimes you feel that the subterranean areas within you are dark. You feel that hidden deep within you lies a malcontent who snipes at hearts, including your own, most especially your own. You feel you present yourself in one way to the world, belying the disrespect in your heart. When your presentation to the world is good, you fear that it is not real. You feel the deterrents to love within you are real. Sometimes you feel that only the ugly within you is real and the beautiful is not.

Star Light, Star Bright

God said:

Why do you do the things you do? What are your actions for? What is it you want to accomplish? What is your motive? What is your intention? Why do you do as you do or not do? Consider this every once in a while so you are conscious of what you are really choosing.

Do you choose to appease your ego? Be alert, for following ego is a losing game. One such as you who is made for greatness must make choices bigger than the ones ego would have you make. Ego's whims are too small and fragmented. Self-serving does not serve even you. Make your choices for something bigger than ego.

The Light of the Stars

God said:

Let every day be a day of giving thanks. This will uplift your entire life. This one thing alone. Start from a place of appreciation, and your life will soar.

Complaining hasn't served you well. See what thankfulness does for you. Give appreciation its chance. Appreciation isn't second-best. Let appreciation be the cornerstone.

The Starlight of Knowledge

God said:

When you feel foolish, that may be a good thing. When you feel foolish, it shows that you are learning something. When you feel wise, you may have already learned a lot, but true wisdom remembers there is more waiting for you to learn. Always more in My creation. There is no ending to the knowledge I give you.

All of life's knowledge leads to Me.

Follow Your Star

God said:

We are allowing you to be an original blank slate, not from effort, but from allowance. You are letting attachments swim away from you like little fish, and you are then left pure and stately, a ready receiver of My light.

Once you were entrapped. You were not aware of your self-entrapment. Now you are aware. As the trappings leave, more of you is left, and what remains is you in God's glory. Pure strong tall light.

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