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Dear Gloria,

I applied the same recipe to Spinac, yesterday.
Here are the results:

COLUR: Disgusting
THE WAY IT LOOKS: Disgusting
TASTE: Delicious

I think it can be served with cream on top, as well.

Question: Do you add onion or garlic to your cookings, with respect to this clue I will develop new recipes. :)


Dear Engin, Interesting

Dear Engin,

Interesting report.

I made a dish in Rosario once called, "La cucas en la caca". Cucas = cockroaches and caca = ...well you can guess!

It was given that name because it looked somewhat like cockroaches in caca! It was an experiment to see the way our mind interprets visual stimuli, and how we are influenced by what is normally accepted as tasty looking. It would be rare for this meal to be served in a classy restaurant. The prinicpal ingredients were black beans and polenta.

The result of the meal was something so tasty that Pablo and I carefully divided the second helping.

About onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are necessary for those who consume meat. Onions and garlic energetically reduce the heaviness of meat and also has a cleansing effect on the body which has been fed the hormonal and chemical toxins contained in animal flesh.

One following a vegetarian diet will not require much onions and garlic. Onions and garlic and some other leek family of vegetables may have negative effect on vegetarians who do not require the strong anti-bacterial effect of the 2 vegetables.

Meditators and yogis usually stay away from onions and garlic as these vegetables are classified as "rajasic", meaning they have the active qualities of nature. Excessive consumption can lead to aggressiveness and agitation and a feeling of being restless. Yogis look to cultivate satvic qualities which provide ideal conditions for experiencing states if higher consciousness.

I have observed the effect of these veges on my mind and usually limit my intake of them. The only time I prepare food with garlic is when its fermented. Like in lacto fermented pickles. Another beneficial way to use garlic...crush it and mix it in live yoghurt with grated cucumber (pad away the water first with a paper towel) and some sea salt.

Onions are great when added to a fermented polenta porridge. I suggest using home grown/fresh spring onions or leeks in place of onions. Fresh ginger root and asofoetida are a perfect replacement for onions and garlic in regular cooking.

One Love!


Dear Santhan Canim, thank

Dear Santhan Canim, thank you very much for your interesting and enlightining message.

1) I will not make any comment for the first part of your message, it is quite clear. :big

2) Thanks alot for the information about onion and garlic, actually years and years I tried to follow a satvic diet. This intensive care made me tired as well :Criying: . So nowadays I do not care but I do appreciate and respect the ones who care. Your message refreshed and improved my knowledge, gracias one more time :thumbup:

3) The food with cucumber and yogurt and with garlic-(optional) is called CACIK here, and in Grece - ZAZIKI. This salad -let's say- becomes very popular especially summer time.

4) Do you know the detailed reason of: Why we should not consume milk with salty things. Due to the fermentation effect or what? ;)