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Recipe For A Wholesome New Year

Take twelve months and bless them,
So that they may be cleansed of all
Bitterness, greed, fault-finding, and fear.
Divide each section into thirty or thirty-one portions,
So that your store will last you a whole year.
And then, each day of the coming year,
Serve one portion that consists of:

Equal parts of labour, joy, and humour;
Three heaped tablespoons of optimism;
One teaspoon of tolerance;
One grain of mirth;
Add a generous pinch of tact,
And pour lots of love over them.

When ready for serving:
Garnish with bunches of kindness and attentiveness.
Serve daily with cheerfulness,
And a good, refreshing cup of tea.

Catharina Elisabeth Goethe 1731/1808
Mother of the great German poet

Translation by Aquarius 2007

Dear Friends - I would love

Dear Friends - I would love to add pictures to some of my postings. Alas, I can't work out how it's done. Can anyone help and explain, please, With love - Aquarius

Yes please, can someone

Yes please, can someone please tell us how we can attach pictures??? Please... :blushing:

Dearest Engin, I did

Dearest Engin, :blushing:

I did post somewhere the instructions but I'm in a hurry now, maybe you could search and track it from my postings. :?

although I never succeeded in posting my picture on my account... :Criying:

Have a nice day sweetheart !! :wub: :p


Hello Berit - Yes, I did

Hello Berit - Yes, I did remember that someone somewhere on this Message Board explained how to post pictures, but I could not for the life of me recall where. And I really don't have the time to rummage through all your postings. In any case, there'll be so many that it'll almost be impossible. So, if someone else happens to come across it - or if I stumble across it, let's share it here. Much love to everybody - Aquarius