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Canim Gloria,

here is my own recipe: Engin's Brocoli Soup: (I do not have any idea about the amounts of the ingredients, some how I mix everything with each other :thumbup:)

1) I Boil the brocoli a little, 3-4 minutes.
2) A spoonful butter or ghee is renderd in the saucepan.
3) A few cumin seeds are added. I add plenty. ( 2-3 minutes- the seeds are roasted)
4) Spoonful flour - you can decide the amount of flour - is added and they are mixed. (I use blender here)
5) The water of boiled brocolie is added here - little by little (Sometimes I add milk aswell but ayurveda is completely againts the consamption of milk with salty things- so it is up to you- yet with milk I should confess that it becomes scrumptious)
6) I mix them with a blender and boil this liquid, till flour is cooked.
7) I add the brocolie and mix the whole "liquid" with a blender.
*)I add salt, black pepper.
*)Boil it 1 minute or more, and make it completey mixed.

I hope it is clear, I mean what I do. But I should say that it is really delicious, healthy and easy to digest.

So the soup is ready. Good appetite.

This sounds delish! I'm

This sounds delish!

I'm going to buy some broccoli today and make it!

How I needed this recipe. I have been tired of broccoli, but, of course, I've been eating it the same way for years -- plain!

Many thanks!.

Gloriacigim, plain-brocoli

Gloriacigim, plain-brocoli maybe the healthiest way, without killing any vitamins :thumbup: ,

yet I do love this soup and everybody does.

And another clue, if one makes this soup a bit thick ;) ,

it becomes a very very delicious spaghetti souce! :p

If one makes it thicker than that, it becomes a brocoli puree and can be eaten as a side dish with other things. :p But this time brocoli must be the dominant ingredient, not flour.



I'm going to try this too.

I'm going to try this too.

I have to confess it got late last night, and I didn't make the soup. Today is the day!

I love the idea of it as a sauce and/or side dish.

Thanks, Engin!

Kitchen is a very creative

Kitchen is a very creative place, isn't it?

Bon apetite Gloriacigim.


Yes, I made your recipe for

Yes, I made your recipe for broccoli soup, and I turned it into a sauce, as you suggested, and served it (to myself) over some sprouted noodles, and it was truly wonderful. I loved the texture of it, the color, and the taste. I loved that it was simple, and that the recipe is a part of me now. I can remember how to make it. It will forever be Engin's Broccoli Soup.

Sometimes I get tired of tomato sauce, and I think some day, probably when Santhan comes, I will try making a lasagna with this sauce.

More recipes, please!

Canim Gloria, I am so happy

Canim Gloria,

I am so happy that so called recipe worked!!! So called because, actually I do not know the exact amounts of the ingredients. But in this recipe I think the miracle is cumin seeds.

Today I will try to apply the same "recipe the so called", for spinac. We will see.

love you