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New Topic Section on forum

Have you noticed this new topic on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community forum? I knew it was coming, and I'm so glad it's here. Thank you, Mojah Media!

Here's a simple recipe I love. It is so simple I am almost embarrassed to post it.

It's one I never tire of. I call it Heavenly Apples.

I make it in a crock-pot. It cooks all night. And I tell you that waking up to the scent of apples and spices cooking is a spiritual experience! Certainly it is divine.

I also like the ease of making it the night before and finding it all ready in the morning. It's like having a maid.


For one person, one big apple or two small ones. Just multiply for the number of people.

Slice the apple, not thin. Leave skin on if the apples are organic. I include seeds and everything.

Add water. How much? Enough. Now I cook it on high all night because I like it to come out all mushed like apple butter. But you might like yours more juicy.

Add whole cloves, lots of them.

It's also good to add cardamon pods and cinnamon stick, but cloves are the essential spice.

These spices are very very healthy. Please understand that ground spices don't do it.

Eat it hot!

Of course, you might like to top the recipes with walnuts and cream, but just as it is -- it's wonderfully satisfying.

Eat in good health.

Let me know how you like it.

Canim Gloria, Yes, I have

Canim Gloria,

Yes, I have seen this entry this morning. Actually I have been waiting for it :p

And I have loved the apple recepie. Specialists say that it is so good eating these cooked apples in the morning. I agree with them.

On the other hand after following all divine and ayurvedic and antioxidant and vegetarian so and so etc. receipes years and years I feel myself realy guttled and tired. Nowadays I really do not care what I eat :Criying: , whether it is organic or not or with lots of "E"s in it, even it is meat or not... ;)

I think this is another -in the opposite way- rebellious time of period of me...



Canim Engin, I am

Canim Engin, I am well-acquainted with the rebelliousness. I used to be "perfect" and now...

Do you want to divulge a recipe from Turkey?

Welcome to the new

Welcome to the new Forum!

Gloria, I think we have something in comon here; food and the enjoyment of it.

Not having a crock pot, I won't be able to try out your recipe but have a good idea of the result, having used the same spices (minus cardamon) in apple sauces that I made.

Baked apples, are another delicious way to eat them:

I core them and fill the hole with jam or jelly and a dab of butter on top. Bake them until they soften.
For one or two apples the toaster oven is good enough.

Bon apetit!

Baked apples! I forgot about

Baked apples! I forgot about them! And in the toaster oven! And what a great idea with jam or jelly!