So That All May See Better

God said:

When it is the case that there are no limits to My creation, why then do you think you are limited? What do you allow to hamper the expansion you were created for? You were never meant to stay the same in one place in your evolution. You were meant to ever expand. Without limits, you are a natural expression of expansion. And yet you fear your own expansion and expression. You fear your own growth and the changes it may bring. In so doing, you hold on to limits. You choose to stay within the confines of a play-pen. You think it is safer. What an excuse you make of limits you put on yourself! You think limits are your protectors.

Break loose from these imaginary bodyguards. Blow the lid off what you have used to keep yourself small. You need not fear that you will fly too high. You cannot fly too high. You need practice in flying altogether.

What have you done with your wings? Take them out, dust them off, and begin to take flight. Begin to catch up to your destiny.

You have chased many things. Now chase yourself. Discover those passages you have ignored or overlooked. Take yourself for a walk down paths you have long forgotten or forbidden. All doors are opened for you. You have unlimited choices. You have much territory unexplored. Begin to explore the terrain of yourself. You are new territory. You are a new discovery.

Yes, you have to discover yourself. It is easy. All you have to do is turn around, and ask yourself: "Where do I want to go?" And then go. You have delightful discoveries to make. You are everything! You are the discoverer and you are the discovery and you are the path that leads to all discovery. You are uncovering yourself.

Heretofore, you bound your feet. Now you unbind them. Heretofore, you wore a blindfold. Now you remove it. Now you will see yourself in the mirror of My eyes, and you will see what I have seen all along.

You have been seeing a container, and now you will see the contents. You will see a force of energy, a blazing light, and you will see that it comes from you. You will begin to see that you are a being of God, and a being of God can only be a great being. God has made it so. You will see that you alit on earth to make this very discovery.

You have always been this light you begin to see now. You have always been in My light. You are My light, and now you see anew. You see what has been in front of you all along. Now you pick up your scepter of My light and you wave it everywhere. You are light lighting light. You will ignite all the light around you. You will be a torch of My light so that all may see their own being in My light held by you.

Let your eyes grow wider. Expand into the beingness of yourself. Expand to where you long and belong to be. Expand to Me. What does that mean?

It means to notice where in My heart you always were. It means to accept My radiance in you. It means to acknowledge that you are a being of light like no other upon earth and yet acknowledge that all light is lighted by Me and therefore the same. It means to acknowledge that you are My created being, and that you are of Me and, therefore, of Holiness. Holiness only means that you are more of Me than you have given yourself credit for. You cannot be more than you are or have ever been, but you can expand into that awareness, and then you are an expanded being of Truth who lights up the whole world so that all may see better.

When you start to feel close to Me, you begin to feel a stage-fright, as if there were a huge ceremony coming up, as if you were going to a wedding of you and Me. You think this is an event too momentous for you. You think you are not equal to it and that you must run away. Relax. There is no gigantic ceremony coming.

You are merely looking through an album, and you see that We were always wedded. From the beginning, We were One. Nothing is changed. Only you are beginning to see what has always been. You leaf through Our album. There is no need for you to tremble, for you see that We have always been One. Now you are beginning to remember. This is something to remember. And now you will never forget, for I am fully looking out through your eyes. You will never feel by yourself again.

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Where do I want to go?

Yes, you have to discover yourself. It is easy. All you have to do is turn around, and ask yourself: "Where do I want to go?" And then go.

And then go.

Several days later, the impression that this quotation marks a turning point for me has become deeper. Wat is so freeing and enlivening about it?

It's the fact that nothings is presupposed and nothing is suggested as a worthy destination. "Where do I want to go?" Oh, I see now that I do not want this "Where" to be fixed in any way, I do not want it to have a name, not even joy or happiness or freedom, not even love, not even Oneness, not even God. When I ask myself, "Where do I want to go?" it is quite clear now that I have always tried to come up with something that can be identified. But it's really just a palpable sense of vastness that is calling there, "boundless intimacy" is as close as I can get to it in words. Yes, carrots are tasty. I love the real thing more. The real thing is what makes those carrots dangle there, lovingly planning for me to find out what's at the other end of the string and stick.