Into the Light

God said:

What is this expression: "Darkness comes before the dawn…"? Darkness has nothing to do with it. Dawn dawns. The sun comes up. You do not need darkness. Darkness is only you asleep. The illusion of darkness does not cause the dawn. Darkness is not an instrument of it. Do not believe so much in darkness. Come into the light.

You do not require darkness. Let go of that thought. Let go of your image of darkness as a message to you that good is on its way. It is true that good is on its way, but darkness is not necessary. Only light is necessary. Have twenty-four hours of light. Have a week of light. Have a month of light. Have a year of light. Have a life of light. Continual light is no surprise or miracle when light is all there is in the first place.

You make much of darkness. You do not have to have it at all. Only your interpretation of life events says something is dark. Your interpretation says that death is dark, disappointment is dark and so on. Get rid of the idea that you must experience darkness whatsoever. You do not need to include darkness in your life.

You really already know that darkness is your vagary mood. It does not belong to you. It is something you add on. It is an extra suitcase you take with you. You do not have to take it, and you do not have to open it.

You have believed in the value of darkness. You have believed that you have to suffer to one degree or another. But you do not have to suffer at all.

Who says you have to but yourself alone? Oh, perhaps the world too. Death of loved ones will happen, and you believe that a rider of suffering must come with it. But why must it? What do you gain from it? You must think you gain something from it or you would not value it. Of course, you would not believe in gain if you did not believe in loss.

Where is it written that you must mourn? Where is it written that you must weep? It is written that you will reap. Perhaps you have misunderstood.

When I created the universe, I did not set aside a day for mourning, or regret, or sadness. I set aside a day for rest, and I blessed all the days I created. And I bless all the days of your life.

I did not create darkness. I created light. And I saw it was good.

You allow darkness to stun you more than light. Bless light more, and you will have more light. Light I bequeath unto you. I do not give you darkness. I did not tell you to close your eyes to light.

Even in so-called darkness, you can light yourself.

As you bless all who come into your life, bless all events. Blessing means to let them go. Blessing does not hold to itself. Blessing is like a wave of the hand goodbye, or the wave of a hand hello. Or a kiss. Whether it's a kiss hello or a kiss goodbye is not the issue.

All welcoming is a wave. You welcome something that comes to you, and then you wave in the next. You hold on to nothing. Light and love cannot be held. Darkness cannot either, and you don't need to. How heavy is the effort to hold onto darkness!

Darkness is not a precursor to anything but itself. The light is always there. Only you have looked away, and you call your looking away darkness. Don't look away any longer. The dawn is here.