A Peaceful Voyage

God said:

What is excitement but the other side of disappointment? You become overjoyed, when, all the time, joy is enough. And yet you seek to be overjoyed. You seek to be over the top in many things. You speed yourself from one end of the spectrum of life to the other. You zoom in life, and yet it is still not fast enough for you. It is too fast, and not fast enough.

It is not true that you are never satisfied. You have brief moments of it. But your satisfaction comes from an appraisal, and even a positive appraisal is judgment. Do you see how much you think about life and, in so doing, withdraw yourself away from the living of it?

It is one thing to eat a pie and another to assess each bite.

What if you left off your running commentary on your life? Your life itself will change when you stop rating it. You record your opinion of your life more than you experience it. You have a tendency to have one eye peeled on the future and another on the past. That is how you make comparisons when, all the while, your life is beyond compare.

Why not decide ahead of time to enjoy the road you take? A freeway of life is before you, and your criticism of it is your poor attempt at control. You hug life or you spank it. You make too much of it or not enough. Precious misunderstood life.

You thought life was supposed to be a picnic. What is picnic but an attitude? Even picnics have rain and ants. They don't have to spoil your picnic. You are the one who spoils it.

You expect so much from life. You expect perfection. Yet, at the same time, you don't expect enough. There is more. You race to the goal line without knowing where you are going. Slow down. Amble more through your life. You have neither to rush to it nor away from it. Be a passerby to your own life yet partake of it readily.

Be not so involved in your life as if it were a contest. There is no winning and there is no losing. Life itself is a walk you take. You are walking it. What you pass by and what you don't, what are they to you? What happenstance must you have in order to be happy? Or unhappy. Make not so many demands on life, and yet stroll further.

Life is not a parade. It is not a hullabaloo. It is not marching in place either.

Music has crescendos, and the quiet builds to them. And the crescendos make the quiet beautiful too. Why are you surprised when your life is not a straight line?

It is not a grab bag either.

You set out on a direction which you can change at any moment. And you do make turns in your life. You are the turner. Whatever direction you ostensibly take, you are moving upward. You are not where you were yesterday. Your life progresses. You make progress. But you do not have to mark your progress. Your life is not a report of it.

Why not make your life a picnic? In any case, you cannot foretell your life and you cannot remake the past the way you would like. Life is always newly before you. And it is yours, not someone else's. Your life has not been charted, and yet you set sail on the Seven Seas.

Say Yes to life. Say Yes to your life. Say: "God, I will make of my life what You will. And You will happiness for me. What do I debate about? Why do I bother anguishing when I carry You in my heart? Dear God, today help me carry You further and deeper into my life. Help me to be grateful for all that You have given me. Today I will disband distress and accept My happiness. Today I set out on a peaceful voyage with You."