Your Presence

God said:

Sometimes you engage in so much activity so that you disengage from life. You run away from life. You bandy your life around and you spend much energy running around the outskirts of it. Much of your life has been an escape from it.

You don't even know what life is in the first place.

Much of your life has been an evasion from the mortality of the body. You don't like to think about it. You do everything to avoid thinking about it. And so you immortalize the body. You spread holy water on your face at twelve dollars an ounce to prevent wrinkles and aging, and so you kid yourself. Your whole life becomes a cover-up. You pretend your mortal body is forever, and that all you have to do is reconnoiter it. You will do anything to go along with the pretense.

You amass more possessions. You outdo yourself. You crowd your life with things, and you crowd your life with activity. You may even crowd your life with people. You will do anything to prevent life from reaching you. You have been racing away from life rather than towards it.

Don't wrestle with the mortality of your physical body. Love your body, but be not attached to it and do not try to immortalize it. Your body is not your identity. Love your present life, but not be attached. It is not your identity either. One day you will leave everything where it is, and you will still be, and you will still be you. You will be more of you because you will not be caught in illusion.

Yet do not think that your life and your presence in it are nothing. They are important to the universe. This walk you take on earth is of the utmost importance. It is a walk you take with Me to Me. And you walk for Me.

It is a noble thing to be a Human being on earth.

You are a reminder of Heaven.

The Human body is the least of you.

What is not seen is what carries you.

If you were only your body, there would be reason to feel dismal.

If your present existence were all there is, it would not be enough.

But, fortunately, you are a continuing being of light, and the light is never diminished. You are a shining beam of light on earth. Nothing can put you out. No breeze, no accident, no deliberate act. You are forever. You have always been, and that will not change. Nothing can alter Our immortal connectedness.

You are not a stick figure. You are of many dimensions. You are more than you know. You are the presenter of life.

You carried Me to earth. You set up housekeeping for Me. You rally your heart for Me. You stir life for Me.

There is no need to wait for death of the body before you meet Me. Why wait? Why the delay? Meet Me now. Stop running.

I am here. I am right here with you. You do not have to catch Me. I am already deep within you. You do not have to run away from Me. You do not have to run away from yourself. Come to terms with yourself. You are much more than you think. Much more. Think of what you could be, and that is what you are.

You are a carrier of My blessings. I chose you to distill Me upon earth. I chose you to embody Me. I chose you to disperse a glimpse of Me. I chose you to make Me a possibility on earth. I chose you to display Me. I chose you to do everything for Me. I chose you as My representative. You are an ambassador from Heaven. You thought you were a body. You are only in a body, and I did not choose you to be in a body forever.

If you did not believe so much in the body, would there be war? If there were not ego, would there be war? If you did not believe in the past so much, would boundaries exist?

You do not own the spot of land you stand on. Nor does any nation. You think you have a permanent lease, but boundaries are not permanent. All of earth is the Holy Land. And there is one people upon earth. There is no yours and not someone else's. There is even no yours and Mine. There is only Mine, and you have the use of it.

And yet you think you have sovereignty. And you treat people as if they were not My people. Please do not fight wars in My name. Do not use Me as an excuse. It is not your right to make war. You have the choice, but not the right.

In war, there are no manners. Common courtesy is forgotten.

History is not wonderful. Do not look to history to support what you want now. The past is the past. It does not have to be continued into the present. What has been does not have to still be.

There is no reason to war. It makes no sense. It is attachment. It is proprietary. It is about ownership. And I have told you you own nothing. You ARE everything. So be it.

I sent you to earth for peace, not war. For union, not division. Compassion, not contempt. Kindness, not pettiness. Vision, not blindness. Opening, not closing. Embracing, not hitting. Yet you treat other nations as you would not treat a servant.

You are to serve Me and not yourselves. As nations, you have been self-serving. And so you serve no one, least of all yourselves. Let go of vindication. Do not demand so much from others. Do not command them.

Do not set ego above Me. Be at My side. Put all nations in My light. Stay near Me, and I will lead you to peace.

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Hello Friends,

God said to serve Me
And I will lead you to peace
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