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So blessed to send love...

I feel so blessed. There feels to be so much love available and accessible to receive
and to give. And that's how it feels for me now. And yet, I know for so many countless people...perhaps even next door, across town...and in another part of the world, love appears to be absent...or at best only an occcassional visitor. In many places, there appears to be a lack of love, kindness and compassions...only crowds of empty hearts and serious faces. There also appears to be so much strife and pain and sadness. What to do about all of that? What can I do about that? What I can and will and desire to to send a soft love to all of God's precious children both little and big and young and old...and both near and far away. A love that allows...that is kind...that knows what to do...that holds them...that craddles and cares for them... in so many subtle, soft and yet profound ways. When I do consciously send love from my heart to their heart...I believe the universe relaxes just a bit...and love begins to enter...and healing happens. But what the effects of love might be is far from my duty...for my sole task is to joyfully be and send love to the apparent helpless and hopeless and neglected and the bitter, the vengefull and even the cruel...for I have been all of these. Have not all of us been both the saint and the sinner? So I tenderly embrace all of humanity with this heart that is able to gladly send so much light and love from God to all of all of us. Sending love as a living prayer and...this is what this heart will do. Love and blessings.

from the heart of Jim and Jimmy

Dear Jim and Jimmy, the love

Dear Jim and Jimmy,

the love that you present to us so beautifully (in this and other posts), that you partake of and share so generously to the world at large, is all that is needed. You have my love and gratitude in return.
To me, it looks like you are Godwriting and opening your heart to the God in you. Let it flow........

I like the part where you say: "Have not all of us been both the saint and the sinner?"Once I realized that, much of judgement on my part, fell on the wayside. Some past life recollections confirmed that to me.

I greet the God in you,

Hi Xenia...thank you for

Hi Xenia...thank you for your loving presence. i feel that whenever something appears within us...anything "negative" if you will about ourselves or another person...or even a is a plea...a request for love. So...if we can relax a bit...step back from it perhaps...change the angle even of how we view this inner experience...and offer love instead and light as well. Cause whenever love is given, light and clarity come too...In this new perspective...the perspective from love...just to be love...and to extend such a gift. To do this even a tiny bit...can cause a shift in us that is truly miraculous...and...and this may indeed invite a shift in another. This is our biggist look upon another...within or outside...another that others may be afraid of...another that others look upon that other with kind eyes and a loving do this indeed is the most profound step we can take to encourage inner and outer, even world peace. This is my knowing of this...this is my hope for this...and this is my prayer for this. Love and blessings, Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

.......this is the way to

.......this is the way to go. I am with you, on this!

Love and blessings back to you, Jim and Jimmy,