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The world is your baby...(from HL 2504)

..."The world is your baby. Pay attention to how you carry it. Pay attention to what you feed it. Nourish the world with your thoughts. Your attention is powerful, and the world deserves your positive attention. Give generously of it. From this moment forward, give your love to the world. It has had enough of criticism. It already knows its imperfections. Now point out to the world its good points. Give the world a good hug and kiss. Help the world to smile on all."

Gosh I love above quote....taken from the bottom of HL: 2504, todays HL)

"Oops, coming through here, excuse me, could I sit down next to you and share my baby, that's it...thank you...enough room for all on this peaceful park bench. Are you settled in world?...comfy enough? great.!" So splendid with me and my world on this beautiful day, in this wonderful park with my baby and baby world that is... that includes all of us...and just to love and nurture and have fun with my baby...what more could there be? Love and blessings, by jim and Jimmy.

As we write this, we are looking out from a bay window at a gorgeous panorama of mother earth including red and white limestone peaks of Sedona with verdant pines and junipers in the foreground and a gorgious blank blue sky in the background. Marie, my wife, has just brought in some tea and crumpets. Crumpets are those nice crumbly things that go with just about any kind of tea. Gosh...what to do today? Oh love the big, cute baby...what fun! I love my earth with all of you beautiful beings on it!!

Jim, what can I say but this

Jim, what can I say but this is beautiful!

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God bless you, Jim.

With love,