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I'm just loving you this big....

I'm just loving you this big. (I'm holding my arms out wide as far as they will go) And that's not even as big as my love is for all of you on this Heavenletter site. My love is as a pink balloon that is filled continually by the breath of that it gets as big as my house...then as big as Sedona...than as big as Arizona...then America...then the world, then the universe. It's amazing how big a baloon can get before bursting...maybe its a special kind of rubber that they make it out of. oh well. the real point is that this love that i'm loving you with is really giant and can reach you whereever you live! And you can do the same for me too cause I love to receive love as well. I'm also hoping you have a happy day. Love, jimmy

ps: i'm really thinking that loving myself and every one and thing else is the most important thing I can do. Plus i can still ride my bike at the same time!