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As Seen By A Child

As seen by a child
Morning and night
Are equally beginning and ending
And the day
Isn't about forging our way, winning
As it is about play
About Being the Way

As seen by a child
Isn't a thing to be named so much
That it need be pursued as such
But it's the wonder
Of everything new
Observed through the eyes of love

As seen by a child
Can be messy
And it's ok
There need be no rush to clean up
Organization will have it's say
Yet this moment's joy in whatever form it takes, is enough

As seen by a child
All are of equal worth
Regardless of vocation, location or destination
Without saying a word
For the All that Is perceived
Is God's shining Light
Innocence upon the scene

As seen by a child
Everything's worthwhile
Whether one chooses to move on or stay
No adult ingrained disdain
No past held pain
Just the same joyous love
For both the sun and the rain

As seen by a child
No distinctions are made
To separate and contain
As if experience can be boxed and labeled
Right or wrong, good or bad
For no scores are kept
There's no papers to grade

As seen by a child
There's "just" Presence
God, Now
In every breath
With every step
Happy rainbows painted in a myriad of colors
All emanated from the Heart of Wow

in love...mike:)

Don't I know that, being the

Don't I know that, being the grandmother of a two-year old!
Mike, you are a master in conveying such simple truths. Thank you so much for it!

In Love and Light,

Thanks, Xenia...though i

Thanks, Xenia...though i have no children of "mine"...still, i learn from and love them so much...i'm not sure i really conveyed what i meant to say in the 2nd and 3rd lines though...i'm not even sure now what it was i meant to say with those 2? i think it had something to do w the overall theme of living in the Now and not under the clock's regimented rule of linear time that we need so dutifully any rate, that's another thing i can learn from the little ones...not to be such a perfectionist or too hard on myself...that perfection IS in so called imperfections or mistakes and it's all smile not be so rigid as to always have to define or stay within the lines...anyway, i think i'm rambling...i'm very grateful for this Holy Meeting Place Here :) where i feel Loved and can express myself as how i am...that reminds me not to focus so much on me and my feelings but "just" to extend love...u all r wonderful spiritual reminders of this simple truth....which reminds me again of the kids...freshness...oh so open...mike:)

That's exactly what it

That's exactly what it in the NOW!
Xenia :)

what most lovely age that

what most lovely age that is, two years old ! and what a most lovely grandma you are dear Xenia !

Love and blessings

This reminds me of working

This reminds me of working outside once, while children were playing nearby, and their periodic screaming annoyed me. That is, until I observed that it was just a normal part of their play. And when they screamed, that’s when they were having the most fun. And all sense of annoyance evaporated.


pretty cool Larry...thanks

pretty cool Larry...thanks for sharing...mike

So very true what you share

So very true what you share dear Lawrence. These sweet ones are so very much in the golden moment of HERE AND NOW !