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Companion and Friend

The paper and pen
Or, in this case
The keyboard
Then, "send"
Is such a companion and friend
In expression
That holds the writer's hand
That warms the typer's heart
When life seems cold
When vibrancy feels old
It's a sharing of one's self
Equally excited to receive
The same of another
Or if not, whatever it be, for all are perfectly free
It's a means to remind of energy, as well
A bubbling, then surging
From that deep wellspring
Rooting and urging
Us on
To remember the Within
It's deducing, concluding
Mixing and matching
A kid wannabe detective
What might fit
Or what's best left out
It's an awaiting
At times
On time clearing out
That fullness can relay
A greater purpose and way
It's a message come through
Of what quietness is saying
Instead of delaying
So much meaning
In favor of constant grievances
Grieving or beseeching
It's a hoping
Then believing
A Being
Then Seeing
An extending
Of What
Of Who
We've always been
The paper and pen
Or, in this case
The keyboard
Then, "send"
Is indeed
Such a near and dear to my heart
Companion and Friend

:)'s mike