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Held In Beingness, Beheld

If as it is said
Truth is in the eye of the beholder
Then luckily
All are equally
With no exceptions
With all else being
Manmade deception
You see, ultimately
What our Creator would Have Be
For so did S/He love us into Being
Now this may seem to fly straight in the face of free will
That freedom is free
To choose as it would
The bad or the good
Effecting the eventual outcomes of some or many
So they're "forever chained and not free"
With some "other power throwing away the key"
Yet the more we behold Her
Truth, that is
We'll See
It's all been a dream
This idea of you and me
Of all
At all, at odds
For we are the essence
The spiritual sod
That grows
That is the growing place
Which Heaven never forsakes
So as we for greatness' sake
Eyes open or closed
Upon this Will
We create
We bless all times
For everything is designed to bring us to the place
We realize
Isn't about whether or not
Will be remembered or forgot
Loved or not
But it's the gamepiece in this temporal world
The chosen playing field
Seemingly real
Which allow and affords
The decision
As spiritual Beings
Always Begot
To shine forth our ignited light
In what would be the middle of night
Trust is all it takes
In ourselves and each one
That there are no so-called battles
To fight
Only the delight
That we may relax into our
Already "won"

:)'s mike

Thanks to God for bestowing

Thanks to God for bestowing this wonderful poet on all of us !

with gratitude and love