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Love the hidden commodity

Love is here in my heart and yours
The world starves
Is love we need to bring
to our Heavenly King. Luv Daisy

It is interesting, Daisy,

It is interesting, Daisy, that the theme of your poem is the theme of a Heavenletter that was written down recently. It hasn't been sent out yet. The name of the Heavenletter is: God Needs Us.

I have been wanting to say for a long to all the poets, how brilliant everyone's poetry is and how much I love it.

I wish I could comment on every posted poem, but I cannot. Please know I read each poem and love each poem and the poets who share them. I cheer you on.

Thank you.

God bless you all.

With love,


Thanks, Gloria...and without

Thanks, Gloria...and without the blessings of Heavenletters our awakenings wouldn't be the same...michael:)

Hi each yes many thanks

Hi each yes many thanks indeed Gloria, you know i love Heavenletters it ROCKS have made some lovely friends here

Gods time is different to our time
He guides, comforts, supplies
our needs
for me
Thank you GOD for all good things
that are meant to be...
Heavenletters reminds us all how Earth is meant to be... Luv Daisy