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The Birds and The Bees

God "saves"
In the sense
That what is Real
Is kept
When and Where
It always IS
And Safe

Creation In the First
Is still the Way
Perfection unafraid
Perfectly placed
In His-Her
Heart"place", as it were
No more adversely marked than It-We could ever be delayed

The rest
Causing all unrest
Is our phantom focus
On fear that divides
Like branches of the vine
Forgetting their divine
We sway and are swayed
Hither and thither
Relying on external stimuli
Instead of the Eternal Internal

Yet it's only this illusion that will wither
And brake
And be no more
As we look no further
Than to each step we place
Every breath we take

For it's not God's Creations in danger of being no more
Rather, the false beliefs
The belief in falsity
That shall have it's end
Not those who seem to "sin"
But the very belief at all in sin or one's end
This is what shall again
Be no more

So, the phrase
"God saves"
Is close
To remembering
To knowing
Our Holiness in tact
Within Beingness
Our relationship
With Heaven
Where it's at

And we can equally
Ourselves and the world
So much time
By living the sublime
Of the birds that sing, unhurried
The flower's petals that open without toil, unworried
The all the while teaching
That reminds
The greater lesson
Of the birds and the bees

michael :)

Thanks for your lovely

Thanks for your lovely heart, so sweet, and such great truth !

Love and blessings to you sweet poet

And Thank You to

And Thank You to You...Dearest Blessing to Us All...Loving Friend...michael:)