See What Happens

God said:

Sit on the grass a while today. Do you remember what that was like? Lie on the grass, chew a blade, and look up at the sky. Does not the sky cover you with love? Sometimes you have to lie down on your back and look up at the sky horizontally in order to see it better. When did you last take the time to enjoy what is most enjoyable to you?

Roll in the grass. Roll down a hill. Pick berries. Do somersaults. Enjoy life. You can make no better contribution to it than to love it. Life does not like to be complained about. It likes to be enjoyed. It is for frolicking.

The conclusion of your body is foregone. Enjoy it while you have it. Enjoy every bit of it. Skip along in it. Life is not an audience that you must perform superbly for. It is a bit of fun for a while. It is a little meander on Earth. Stray not from joy. Make joy wherever you are and whatever you do. You are a proponent of joy.

Joy is not to be waited for. If joy is an orange, you are to squeeze it right now. Today. Tomorrow there will be other oranges. There is a moment of ripeness, and it is now.

You are always at the horizon in life. You are at the cusp of it. You are a journeyer over hill and dale. Enjoy your sojourn. This is the day.

Do cartwheels in life. Do handstands. Gain a new perspective. If you have been facing north, now face south or east or west. Change your position. Discover something you never saw before. Drive a different car of life. Turn around. Go down a different road. Be open to life. Let life open like a beautiful flower blossoming.

If you have been tip-toeing in life, now take big strides. If you have been racing, now go slow and steady. If you have been going slow and steady, now do a little jig.

A mode of life is only a mode. Modes change. Delight yourself. Surprise yourself.

Become a fan of life, one who goes out there and cheers. Hurrah for life. Make life your twirling baton. What else is there to do really?

Now is the time to do what you want to do and be happy. Do not be detained. If you love blueberries, have some. True, there is tomorrow, but what about today?

Engage in life. Do not be on the sidelines. Let your Being evolve in happiness. You are going to evolve anyway. Choose the direction you want to evolve in.

If you have been living life as a hop, skip, and jump, now try jumping, skipping, and hopping. Stir your life around. Know you are alive. Let blood run through your veins. Rest your head on the pillow of life. Allow yourself to be, and allow yourself to live.

You have been given gold — not to save for a rainy day but to spend now. The sun is shining on you. There is no better moment. There is no other moment. There is no other place but where you sit now. You sit in the chair of life, and now you pull yourself up to the table. There is a feast on it. Now you shall eat.

What have you not done since you were a child? Do it today. Take some crayons and draw a picture. Take two sticks and beat a drum. Throw a ball up into the air, and see what happens.

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So sweet this one

But of course they are all sweet...all of the heavenletters, that is. And how are you today? I hope you are well...and happy...and healthy. Blessings, Jim and Jimi.

In the middle of a prolonged

In the middle of a prolonged recovery, Jim, I'm not exactly fine, but much better. Everything turns out to be totally different from what I have been thinking it was, and that's a little frightening. But most of all, what a relief that things are not what I thought they were. Hope you are well. God bless you.

Hello Jim, nice to hear from

Hello Jim, nice to hear from you and happy you are well and healthy and loving as usual.
Jochen, I wish you a complete recovery, but your affirmation, that things are turning to be different from what you expected, worries me. So long this journey, so puzzling sometimes.

Nothing to worry about,

Nothing to worry about, dear. Things are turning out vastly better than we expected. They are turning out the way we, more or less unwittingly or secretly, hope they will. As with our pasta or pizza, let's feel entitled to have the very best that can be prepared from the ingredients of life. What if?