see what happens

See What Happens

God said:

Sit on the grass a while today. Do you remember what that was like? Lie on the grass, chew a blade, and look up at the sky. Does not the sky cover you with love? Sometimes you have to lie down on your back and look up at the sky horizontally in order to see it better. When did you last take the time to enjoy what is most enjoyable to you?

Roll in the grass. Roll down a hill. Pick berries. Do somersaults. Enjoy life. You can make no better contribution to it than to love it. Life does not like to be complained about. It likes to be enjoyed. It is for frolicking.

A Picture of Today

God said:

This is a blessed day before you, for I have blessed it. I blessed the day with you, and you with the day. The day is a message from Me, and you are a message from Me. The day is like a beautiful table cloth I spread out on a table before you. The table is set with beautiful dishes and delicious food, everything you could ask for. All you have to do is to sit down at the table, lean forward, and take of the offerings as you choose.

Be a Dreamer

God said:

If all your dreams came true today, what would your next dream be? And the one after that? Yes, beloveds, get ahead of yourself in dreaming. There is no point in staying just where you are, even in your dreams. Your dreams are a means of your expansion.

What personal dreams exceed the personal dreams you have now? What dreams of yours for the world exceed your present dreams for the world? Dream them into being. Yes, go beyond your present dreams. Dare to dream bigger. Dare to dream of all that you really want.

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