A Picture of Today

God said:

This is a blessed day before you, for I have blessed it. I blessed the day with you, and you with the day. The day is a message from Me, and you are a message from Me. The day is like a beautiful table cloth I spread out on a table before you. The table is set with beautiful dishes and delicious food, everything you could ask for. All you have to do is to sit down at the table, lean forward, and take of the offerings as you choose.

Or imagine the day as a blanket on the grass in a meadow for you to lie on, and for you to look above at the firmament to see what you can see. You are looking for Me, aren't you?

Or imagine this day is a red carpet rolled out before you to walk on.

It awaits you, this day. It is a heralder of you. It is ahead of you.

This day is ready to serve you the way a personal valet waits for you to nod your wishes and make them known. The day is at your beck and call. It is like your employee. Be good to it.

When you roll out of bed in the morning, you roll into your life. It is your entry on stage. It is the curtain going up. Enter your day well.

If you could have three wishes today, what would they be? Three wishes to be fulfilled immediately, not long-term. Is this a hard question? Does it make you think? Pause a moment.

Where do these wishes take you? What are you thinking about?

Now add three more.

Periodically today, write down new wishes. It is good for you to know what you are looking forward to today.

Today is a garden of flowers. Come into this garden. It is right here before you.

Carry this garden with you today in your mind. That way you not only nourish the world but also the garden of your mind.

Picture the circle earth. Now picture it with you on the curve of it, you at the top, you at the top of the world. Nothing is between you and the earth. No buildings. No knowledge. No interference. Just you and the world and God above.

Picture today as a friend you have been looking forward to seeing. You and today made a date a long time ago that you would meet right now. Find and give comfort in your day. The day has been looking forward to meeting with you. See how graciously it greets you. Hold out your hands to it.

Picture yourself as a cowboy who lassoes the day like a heifer. Now that you have caught the day, what do you do with it? Where do you take it? Lead it where you want it to go. Treat it kindly. This is your chance to be wonderful to this day. See what happens.

Take a picture of today. From what angle do you take the photo? What do you emphasize? What do you point out? To whom will you show this picture.

Will you show it to Me? Will you take snapshots of today to send to Me? Even though I accompany you the whole day, I would like to see the pictures you take. I wonder if you will be so kind as to take them from My perspective. See how they will develop, how they will glow, how beautiful. You can capture the great beauty of today in the pictures you take. Tell Me, what do you focus on today?

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