look at the sky

Look at the Stars

God said:

Let's have a lazy day today, you and I. Let's lie awhile on a white cloud and ponder the blue skies and Heaven and Earth. Let's be serene today with nothing on Our minds except how nice it is to be together in the Oneness of Love. How nice it is just to be. Nothing to have to do, nothing to take care of, to just be love escalating and revolving throughout the Universe.

Let Us just recline today. Let's let the world take care of itself today. Everything is lined up, and everything will appear on cue.

When You Look Skyward

God said:

When you look upward, you alter your physiology. Everything within you realigns. When you look upward, you step out of the limited directions of the plane of Earth. In daily life, you face north, south, east, or west. The preponderance of time on Earth is spent with your nose even with the terrain or aimed to the ground where your feet trod. But you are more than earthly. And there is more for you to look at and more for you to know. Look up in the direction called Heaven, and you will refresh your weary mind and lighten your heart. Your earthly life will become simpler.

At Night the Stars

God said:

There is something satisfying about lying on your back in a field and looking up at the sky. There is an equanimity in that. Clouds roll by, and you are still. You chew on a blade of grass, and you feel yourself immersed in the sky. You become part of the vastness of the sky. The same sky covers all, and you are covered by it. You are part of the clouds, and the clouds part for you, giving you room to rest within their folds. The sky opens up, and you enter it, all while you lie on your back on the grass and look up at it.

See What Happens

God said:

Sit on the grass a while today. Do you remember what that was like? Lie on the grass, chew a blade, and look up at the sky. Does not the sky cover you with love? Sometimes you have to lie down on your back and look up at the sky horizontally in order to see it better. When did you last take the time to enjoy what is most enjoyable to you?

Roll in the grass. Roll down a hill. Pick berries. Do somersaults. Enjoy life. You can make no better contribution to it than to love it. Life does not like to be complained about. It likes to be enjoyed. It is for frolicking.

When Stars Are Not Seen

God said:

Sometimes you feel that the subterranean areas within you are dark. You feel that hidden deep within you lies a malcontent who snipes at hearts, including your own, most especially your own. You feel you present yourself in one way to the world, belying the disrespect in your heart. When your presentation to the world is good, you fear that it is not real. You feel the deterrents to love within you are real. Sometimes you feel that only the ugly within you is real and the beautiful is not.

The Light of the Stars

God said:

Let every day be a day of giving thanks. This will uplift your entire life. This one thing alone. Start from a place of appreciation, and your life will soar.

Complaining hasn't served you well. See what thankfulness does for you. Give appreciation its chance. Appreciation isn't second-best. Let appreciation be the cornerstone.

How Happy the Universe Will Be

God said:

What I AM, you are. I have given you Myself. I have given you everything. What is your excuse now, beloveds? What excuse do you have now for not revealing My glory? What excuse do you make now for not surrendering yourself to My very heart which is yours? When are you going to stop playing the zany comedian who trips himself and wonders how he fell?

What meaning will you attach to what I say when I say you are My child, when I say that you are not orphaned, when I say that you are not left outside in the rain? What will you make of what I say? Will you just shrug your shoulders?


God said:

When you look up, literally and figuratively, you meet My eye. In truth, there are no directions, but on earth, you are surrounded by direction, and so you must look up. When you look up — the actual act of looking up — presents you with another dimension. Your looking up reminds you of Heaven. Your looking up is a signal to you. It signals that I am, and that I am for you.

God's Revelation

God said:

When you become more alert, you will see how I have been slipping you answers to your voiced and unvoiced prayers. You have to look. I pepper you with answers in your life, but you are looking for different answers, or you simply are so besotted with your problems that you do not see anything at all but your problems. Look up, look up!

I have all the answers, and I give them to you.

I said, "Let there be light," and there was light.

I say, "Let there be light now in you," and your heart and mind are lighted. Pay attention.

Look Up at the Sky

God said:

What is it you would say to Me? What is in your heart today? What would you like to unburden your heart from? Let Me take away any vestige of pain, any image of loss, any sense of being depressed. Something must weigh heavily on you in order for you to feel down. Give it to Me then, and carry the weight no longer.

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