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Dear Gloria,
Yesterday and today I tried to put my introduction and a foto in the Reader comment. And it seemed to be all ok. But it did not show up. Does it take a while? If it is so, please take the one I sent today, because I did some changes. Thank you:) Yours Uta

Beloved Uta, the way the

Beloved Uta, the way the Reader Comment page is set up, only Administration can post reader comments! A comment has to be emailed to me, and then I usually make it shorter and then send it to Normand, one of our French translators. He has technical skills and administrative privileges and, thankfully, posts them for us.

I have been puzzling because I receive a notice of your comment and couldn't find where it was located either! And what a lovely comment!

Reader Comments are usually short, Uta.

Where I think your comment really belongs on your profile. Want to register on the forum and then tell your story? Then every post of yours will have a link to your profile, and Heavenreaders can click the link to see what you wrote.

I would like to take your first paragraph and post that on the Reader Comment page. The Reader Comment page is made up of testimonials from Heavenreaders. Anyone reading the testimonials is going to want to to subscribe to Heavenletters!

Thank you, dear Uta.

Love, Gloria

P.S. Everyone is invited to email a comment for the Reader Comment page and include a photo as an attachment. The more the merrier!

Sorry, but I found an offer

Sorry, I found an offer on the Heavenletter-Side under the "TWITTER", where I was invited, to submit at the Reader Comments-Side by myself. So I thought, wow, I don't have to bother Gloria with that case anymore with Emails and fix it all alone. Please excuse my failure again!
It is ok. with me to take the first paragraph. Thank you.
The text is simply my first comment, that I wrote on Sept. 16. 2012 under the "Heaven Community forum" Topic "Welcomes, Introductions and how you found Heaven". As far as I know, I am allready registered also at that date don't I? Or what have you ment? I am sorry to for this confusion...

Love and huge! Uta.

Your place here and everything you offer to me, is very very special to me! I love to look around what is happening and read and surch... and look who's online with me and wonder what time he or she or you might have... and so I spend much time here now. I love being here. You've build a worldwide place of love, peace and wisdom.

Eating the spiritual

Eating the spiritual breakfast is the best part & reason of the day!