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Pain, Anguish, Lost, Alone

Hi Gloria-

I am new to the site and The Letters. I became acquainted with them through daily posts from Humanity's Team.

I have chosen to post under "general stuff" because I am not certain where my situation should be directed.

Recently life seems to be against me and as I look back it seems to have always been. I have read many spiritual books, joined a spiritual group and to some extent, come to know The Divine.

However lately it all seems to be going down. I am often at war with The Divine for IT never seems to answer me, nor provide me with the resonating inner strength to move forth. Instead its like resonating weakness to end it all. This in turn leads me to where I am, saying or thinking "enough of the spiritual words, where is the INNER KNOWING, where is the ability to NOT doubt and stand strong and stop second guessing myself, how do I refrain from doing things to get people to like/accept me - for in recent days I have come to see all my life this is what I have always done, and I am tired, tired of it all."

There is a lot to go into and this may or may not be the place to do so. Nor do I wish to go against your guidelines.

I need help, as I need to understand and TRULY find and KNOW The Divine, and I am trusting and hoping that you, someone can listen, and assist, help me in becoming free of this heavy burden.

Thank you for your time.

God's One Child, Heavenletter #314, September 7, 2001

God said:

The Lord's Prayer begins with "Our Father", for I am the One Father of All. I am personal to you, and I am personal to everyone. This brings us back to the fact that you are One. When you say "Our" Father, you are recognizing that you are My child entire. I have one child because you are all joined in My Oneness which is also yours.

Suffice it to say there is only One.

How dear you are to Me, My One Child, My child of Oneness! You are Mine, but I do not possess you. I free you. I scattered your One self across the face of the earth. I multiplied My love, and I am doing it still, and you who are My love also multiply My love. And you add up fast, My One Love.

I have often mentioned to you the horizon, as if the horizon, like Myself — as you have thought of Me — were far away from you, but you are your own horizon. The horizon of you is not at a distance but close at hand. If all is contained within you, the horizon you see before you is yours.

You are capable of all that you can imagine. Your imagination is your horizon.

I created wonders in this world, and you are the best of them.

You are a re-creator of the world.

Creation creates. You are My creation, so you are a creator.

Create as I create.

Create freedom.

"Create" is another word for "giving".

Give people away to themselves.

Create a free environment with your intent. Like Me, have the desire and let it blossom.

I am the Foundation of your desires. Stay true to Me. Do not wander so far off that you set boundaries for others. Make not everyone the same. Let what rises rise.

There is a great Humanity brewing. Draw a deep breath. Free yourself and free all of Humanity.

As you go, so goes the world.

The world dances to your tune. It is dependent upon you. You are dependent upon it only as you say so.

What is the world anyway? A conglomeration of thought passed on.

Pass on new thoughts to the world.

But there is nothing new under the sun, you say.

Then pass the sunlight to the world, the same old sun that I put forth to shine upon a world that grows brighter with the light of it. Let your eyes cast light from the sun upon the world that half-dozes.

Be the dawning sun that wakes up the world.

The world does not need to be weary.

The world needs to be awakened, and you are the awakener of it.

You waken it with your heart.

All the intellect in the world does not accomplish much; it only shows off.

But the Human heart ignites the heart of the world.

If reasoning worked, all would know better.

Only a touch of the heart works. And a touch of your heart is a blessing upon the created world.

Bless this world. Blow the breath of love upon it. Be the bellows of it. Do not adhere yourself so much to the world. Amplify the heart of the world. Let the world hear the rumble of love that courses through it. The love is there but not enough of it has been heard. It has been silenced with too much noise.

And now, let a drop of My love from your heart fall upon the world and renew its light.

Somehow I just discovered

Somehow I just discovered the two posts above now on January 24, 2014. I'm so sorry to have missed them.

Avanda, how are you feeling now? And, Adam, thank you for reminding us of this Heavenletter so well worth reading again.

God bless you both.