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Hello All,

Once more I'm back here to connect with every spirit that is on this space. I've been one of the early comers here but has to take time out on other things.

Let me go straight to my question. I live in Nigeria, and most of the people around here are very religious. I live with friends, family members and collagues who feel something must be wrong with me when I'm not worshiping somewhere (be it church or mosque).

I'm not suppose to be asking this question because I feel I have understood more to help me handle the pressure, but this has to come up because, I have had some challenges along the line, business seem to be slow, expectation is high but it seem I'm not meeting those expectation.

Whenever anybody wants to talk to me on my challenges (mostly close family members) they said I need to go to church.

When I explain certain things that challenge their faith it seem I'm just a person without direction.

I hope (I really hope) I can keep up with events here.

You are a blessing to the earth.

Dear Ekene,I searched

Dear Ekene,

Here is a link which may interest you.

With love,

Beloveds,Please read the


Please read the guidelines. This site is not about religion nor is it a forum for discussing pro's and con's of religion. Please don't.

Ekene, your question is not really about religion. Your question is what do you do when you are challenged.

It has hurt your heart that your friends and family fault you for not worshipping God the way they see it. Here we do want to do the same to anyone. We don't know what is best for others. We have personal choices to worship as we like and for our decisions to be respected. Ekene, I know you as a spiritual person. How you choose to deal in life also is to be respected.

I learned the hard way on this forum that opposing or supporting one religion or religion in general or not supporting it does not bring out the best in us.

Dear Ones, please excuse me for having edited your posts.

Please reread the guidelines!

Love you all very much,