You Are the Baker

God said:

So long as you blame outer circumstances or another human being, or Me for your woe, you stay glommed to the very situation you protest. The more you grouse about the situation, the more you clasp it to your bosom. Complain. Keep. Complain. Keep. Complain, and you hold what you say you don’t want closer to you, exclamation mark after exclamation mark. Woe unto you who keeps chanting woe.

There are some things you can’t change. You can’t change the actuality of your age. You can’t change the death of a loved one’s body after the fact. There are matters that are not under your province, no matter how hard you may wish they were. There are matters you simply do not have control over. And you may protest all that which you have no control over. Instead of control, you take on vindication under the guise of complaint. Complain, complain at how God and life were not honorable toward you, how rough life has been on you.

Let’s say you flunked out of school. Who flunked out of school? Was I or anyone else supposed to study for you? You may have had a teacher who went too fast. What you say may be accurate. Nevertheless, who is responsible for your grade? Who took the test? Who didn’t pass the test? The time you use denigrating the teacher could better be used in studying, don’t you think?

When you are hard of hearing, isn’t there a tendency to say the speaker doesn’t enunciate his words? When you are in a hurry, doesn’t it often happen that the bus is late, not you? When you think that life doesn’t dance to your tune, isn’t it possible that that is exactly what life is doing?

Now, your plaints about Me, all that you may blame Me for, hold Me responsible for, rail at Me for, judge Me lacking for don’t usually get you anywhere. Well, they get you where you already are. Look, accusing Me or anyone, almost guarantees that you will sink into a pitfall.

If you don’t like your looks, you can at least wear a good expression.

If you don’t like the situation you were born into, right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. The situation you were born into cannot be changed. You, however, can stop carping about it. You can’t change the past as it was. You can change your focus on it. Whatever the circumstances of your birth, you can’t change. You can drop the subject. You can put an end to an unfortunate situation’s plaguing you now.

What is the use of blame? How does affixing blame help you?

Always, get up, and move on.

If your thoughts and your emotions play a part in your life, what good do you imagine that justifying your resentment does for you now? If the Universe responds to your thoughts according to your stance, what is the Universe likely to deliver to you? When you play a certain note on the piano, what note are you going to hear? When you play a low note, you don’t hear a high note back. Your delivery (your thoughts and emotions and your repetition of them) likely will echo back. When the Universe hears the note you sing, it’s likely it will echo the tone of what you sing.

When you want to make chocolate chip cookies, of course, you add chocolate chips to your cookie dough. If you want sugar cookies, you make sugar cookie dough. You are the baker.

The life you live on Earth is your life. Therefore, pay attention to what you add and what you leave out.

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Blame! got over it

I picked up a terrible cough, probably when visiting the local hospital. Do I blame the Hospital ? Why would that help? No I try to help myself getting rid of it. What can one do against a gough and running Nose? I asked others and got advise and also been told that those coughs have a tendensy to hang around for a while. So lemon and honey. Vapow Rub etc. and accepting it would take a while.Threads from my beloved If you do not improve shortly you are going to a doctor. That fixed it. I think I am not a great fan, visiting Doctors. Slowly it improved and although still there a bit I have started eating and work again. helping Mieke. Nobody or anything to blame, but Me for not having my imune system in full drive. Love to all from coughing Jack

These are pleasant and

These are pleasant and massaging to read. However they are always blaming the person. Always u can do this or that. Not true. Often we can t change a thing . Complaining can serve a purpose and sometimes it is better to blame than self condemn. It is a way to look for causes. These writings are filtered thru a unity and new age perspective. Some truth in this but leaves out a lot. Ye I realize if I don t like them I don t have to read the. But I rea a lot of things I m not crazy about

Dear Sam, I do understand

Dear Sam, I do understand what you are saying. If I remember correctly, God is strong on saying that responsibility is not the same as blame. Do we have free will or not?

If, for instance, someone loses a leg, he has lost a leg. As it is, he can't grow another one. He can't change that. He didn't decide to lose a leg. He may have been totally innocent in the loss of his leg. He is, however, responsible for now. He can mope and feel sorry for himself all the time. Or he can move forward.

I read not too long ago about a very athletic lady who lost a leg. I don't remember how. She was determined to continue beng an athlete -- not that someone has to do that. It was her desire and her choice. She even designed a prosthetic leg that was great for a particular sport (sorry, I forget what the sport was) and she did go on to become a world champion. She even joked around and said she was lucky to lose a leg for now she could determine how tall she wanted to be.

The change is attitude.

Just recently a man emailed me to request that I subscribe him. He had had a serious stroke. He can type on the computer with his eye. His eye points to a letter, and that letter types. However, the mechanism does not enable him to click on that kind of link in order to start the process of subscribing, something like that. Thus, his request. God bless him.

I read about a French journalist who was in his forties. He, too, had a severe stroke. I believe the only movement he could make was to blink his left eye. And so he wrote a book. A nurse pointed to each letter on a chart until he blinked, and then she typed that key for him. And so he wrote a dazzling book. I read it.

We can say he lost everything. I believe he lost his wife. He couldn't be a father to his children. He was totally helpless. He did not lose his spirit.

I thank you, Sam, for inspiring me to thiik of all this.

It is interesting that you mention causes. There is a Heavenletter somewhere in which God says that there is no cause. He may also say that we are not to look for causes.

Yes, God in Heavenletters definitely talks about Unity and Oneness. If that makes him new-age, then He is, though I am sure that God is not limited to a school of thought. There is a lot that Heavenletters say that are definitely NOT traditional. He sometimes comes in from an entirely different angle. For instance, He has said that we are not wonderful to forgive! for we didn't have to take offense in the first place.

You made a great point when you said that this Heavenletter did not say everything. In one Heavenleter, he emphasizes a point. In another Heavenletter, He emphasizes another point. Truth is like a diamond, and a diamond has many facets. Maybe it's like God in each Heavenletter plants a seed. And yet a seed is the essence of the whole tree.

God always says to love, to love your neighbor as yourself. In a recent Heavenletters, he says something like: We don't have to love our neighbor to the exclusion of ourselves. We are responsible to everyone for everything, yet that doesn't mean we take over another's life and take away his own responsbility." This was recent but this momentI don't remember the name or number of it. Can you find it?

God bless you, Sam. Come back!

P.S. Please go to this blog and be inspired:

P.P.S. And did you read the comment above yours? Jack gives the idea of what God means by self-responsibility.

well, appreciate your

well, appreciate your response and aaron b's subtleties.
to get to the point there is a flaw with unity and new age perspectives. ( of course we re all entitled to our points of views). we don't join in a oneness ether a la Shirley mcclaine. I remain Sam and you remain Gloria. we keep our identities. God wants to be chosen freely by freedom fighters with free choice. that is an individual. otherwise we'd be robots.

are we evolved ala acquarian age. kind of but kind of not. It has been said that we fell from God and we need help getting back. that's help, even mercy. who are we to think we can evolve towards god. get the right vibration. I doubt it, maybe briefly. u can see us as little transcenders floating around. that's a self important trip. needing help, humbled, humility, broken goes a lot farther. we fell, and need a hand getting up. and there is a revelation in this. new agers might be looking but are rarely humbled.

All along it was just about god, that is god being god, not us being god. Give me humility and brokenness and crying like an infant over unity and new age smugness any day. no secret vibration code here. just the real deal, we need help and once you've tried everything else all that's left is god. it's more than the touchy feely image your 'writings' paint. yes they are soothing but so is a massage. we need a salvation of sorts that rocks everything, not a tranquiller.

Sam, you say we are each

Sam, you say we are each unique individuals in terms of the world, and yet you lump us all into a group called new-agers!

And where is humility in telling God what He should be doing?!!

God, as He is, does actually rock everything!

It is not humility to put yourself down.

Dear Sam, may I ask you a question --- Who or what do you think, God is? I believe God is love, at least this is what is said. If God is love, he loves us unconditional, as this is what love does. And if we are Gods creation, why should he create something less than love in the whole Universe?
I did a search on Heavenletters about humility and humble:
In the HL # 4438 God says:
"It is not humility to put yourself down. Humility is not putting yourself down. Love yourself enough, and you will be humble."
It is interesting, since in this Heavenletter God also talks about love. I try to enclose the link for you.
To me it is again and again amazing, how God's words do match with my experiences in life.
Love and blessings, Uta

whether we take the story

God is bigger than love. He is god and it is his will. yes he has a sweetness, but he has everything else too.
Uta, you have love but you are uta. my name is sam, I don't want to be called love. that is part of me, a big part, but it is not everything, even in the timeless dimension. we are not merging.. God has his identity as we do. my father is not my mother and you are not my sister. we have our place and this world is the physical representation of the metaphysical. stories are important. the writings encourage a kind of fa la la experience but they can be controlling as is your insistence on love. it is more important to be thankful there is a god than be thankful there is love. life has meaning. wise men have said life is about suffering. this is the antidote to that. love is a characteristic, but not the antidote.
again, of course you are entitled to your opinion.we all don't evolve into better and more evolved people. patience dims, old ugly habits come back, bitterness takes hold, love or not. I'm thankful there a god, that's all from here. a suffering person in pain wants relief, they don't want to hear love. You have to get real. many bitter ex high vibration people I've met. To me the 'love' message over and over is also a small and controlling way to see god.

Note: This site is not about

Note: This site is not about religion. Opinions about religion and religious figures included have been removed.

Of course, everyone is free to have his his own opinions. Every one of us has been wounded. We all have gone through whatever we have gone through, and we all have what we see as our reality. No one has to think any way but the way he thinks, and no one has to agree or disagree.

There are guidelines to this forum, however, that are to be read and followed. One of them is that we refrain from bashing religion.. It is clear that you are someone who cares deeply. With all respect to you and respect for all who come here, we've said enough, and it's time for us to move on. Blessings and peace to all.

Sam, please know, I am not

Sam, please know, I am not so far away from your opinion. And I enjoyed all of the other wonderful comments on this site.

I do not believe in magical

I do not believe in magical disturbances. If I am anything less than 100% joyful, peaceful, and loving, then there is something disturbing me. Often I don't know what it is, but I realize that being perfectly in balance is natural and anything else requires some justification. While it feels wonderful to be on cloud 9, those things I am at odds with are still there waiting for me on the ground below.

Sometimes I experience a vague sense of uneasiness that I can't quite put my finger on. Something about life is less then what I would prefer. If it is really vague it can be difficult for me to even describe what is wrong. If this is the case it feels helpful to just allow the uneasiness. It is helpful in these times to not cheer myself up. If I don't push it away eventually it will reveal something to me. As I remain open the vague uneasiness will begin to clarify into a more solid complaint. At this point allowing the complaint to be expressed in full is tremendously helpful to me. Sometimes just writing out the complaint is sufficient. I don't critique and allow myself to be as petty as I wish. In reality nothing is petty. If something within me feels it has been wronged, my thoughts of pettiness only bury the hurt deeper. It seems at the bottom of all this pain is merely a desire to be heard.

In the end I believe nothing is left unaddressed. There are no small hurts or injustices, not even a scraped knee, that can be forgotten into wholeness. As I invite within myself all that is wounded to reveal to me the injustice it feels keeps it separate, and I listen as I would to a child that I deeply cared about, with complete openness and without judgment, restoration becomes possible. Wholeness can be found. Something in myself is now free to beam with life and vitality and expresses joyful wellbeing. No matter how petty it seemed, if something feels rejected then it cannot celebrate fully.

I am not so sure, wether I

I am not so sure, wether I did understand everything you said. Your way to talk is lovely to listen to but not common to me, and I do not speak English so well. But I did understand your point of view with the balance and that we counteract naturally when we are not in balance. What a wonderful truth.
It also sounds true what you say about our thoughts of uneasiness. I experienced this today and I believe you are right that complete openness and no judging helps to clarify, what there is, that I have not perceived yet.
Thank you Aaron. I really enjoy your loving openness.

I'm glad you found this

I'm glad you found this useful! Today I have also enjoyed just allowing how I feel to be felt and watched in amazement as it unfolded again and again into a wonderful connection with myself. Something within me loves all the attention and loves being welcomed just as much as I do.

Sounds wonderful Aaron.

Sounds wonderful Aaron.

An interesting point.

Sam brings up an interesting point. I have heard this criticism voiced before by some of my friends as well, this idea of self blame. However, to blame yourself for a situation would just as great a travestry as to blame someone else for it. This is not the idea that is meant to be conveyed by these heavenletters. What these heavenletters are saying is to let go of the idea of blame completely. . As Gloria wrote so eloquently above me. The idea being given is to take responsiblility, which is not the same thing as blame at all. The problem with blame is that it takes your power away from you. You become a victim. As a victim, you're powerless.

In the examples Gloria cites in her post, those people are being responsible for their reactions to the event. You cannot always control what happens to you. However you can always control your reaction to what happens to you. And it is your reactions to events that determines how greatly they affect you. This is what these heavenletters are conveying. You are not powerless.

This is an important idea to understand and I thank you Sam for bringing it up.

Love to all.

Beloved John, you express so

Beloved John, you express so well and simply what I was trying to say. You clarified it beautifully for me, as well. Thank you so much!

Hi Sam

Sam I wonder if God is trying to open our eyes to our innate power...and it seems like blame...I just did this to a lady I know who was feeling sorry for herself...and I did not do it to make her feel bad...I did it to try to have her see her actual innate power she has, and that she could surmount this latest feeling of distress...but in order to do so she needed to take charge....just a thought...

Perhaps by blaming outer

Perhaps by blaming outer circumstances the woes are extended or intensified. But what exactly is this woe? A discordant vibration in my stomach or heart or solar plexus? It reminds me of the grating of a well played violin. It pierces me and completes me at the same time. The feeling of woe doesn't hurt, it irritates. It cries like a baby, being heard even when we wish to not hear it. It works on us and the effectiveness of its work can be measured by the intensity of its presence. It's okay to allow that sense of woe to do its job. It isn't missing a beat. It neither exaggerates nor diminishes the importance of anything. It adjusts us perfectly and holds us from falling off the beam. We are always perfectly balanced, when we lean to one side, something within us leans to the other, and overall we are in perfect harmony.

I can be thankful for this balancing that happens as unconsciously and automatically as my heart beating. I feel my self being stretched from the inside out and allow the protests and realizations to occur in their own time. When I can see the perfect balance that is occurring, I no longer have to achieve it. It is unavoidable.

You also bring up a vital

You also bring up a vital point.

It has been equally said that there is good in everything.

So woe does not even have to be a big deal. Of course, woe is just an idea anyway, yes?

Thanks so much for posting, AaronB.

You're welcome! Your words

You're welcome!

Your words touch my heart in the most wonderful way. Sometimes I read your letter and it fits me perfectly and I feel something inside of me celebrating. Other times I feel there is a specific message I need to hear myself, that addresses me personally and is somehow catalyzed by the ingredients you have chosen.

As I interpret the word woe, I assign an emotional sense to the word. For me thoughts seem like wire-frame outlines and emotions fill the thoughts with bright colors. The thoughts themselves don't appear to have intrinsic intensity, they are either accurate or not. But with any thought I feel as if it is filled with an emotional energy with its own quality and intensity. As I read your words I often experience a very pleasant and intense energy flowing. Similarly with woe I correlate it with an experience of intense energy that disturbs me.

What brings me the most joy today is realizing whether it be woe or joy, the thoughts I think are being attended to without exception. There isn't a lonely thought out there unaddressed. I feel as if within my experience there is an amazing and full response that never skips a beat. It cannot give up on me because it is not really apart from me. There used to be times I wished the suffering would just stop, and now I experiencing an intense gratitude as I realize there is no off switch, and there couldn't be. As I begin to appreciate the guidance I see whether through suffering or joy, either way today I enjoying the realization that I cannot be alone, even if I wanted to be.

Thanks! Aaron

Beloved AaronB, I would just

Beloved AaronB, I would just like to affirm that Heavenletters are from God.

The above comments here are mine.

Aaron, who are you? What is your work? Where did you gain such wisdom?

As I read your words [Heavenletters] I often experience a very pleasant and intense energy flowing. Similarly with woe I correlate it with an experience of intense energy that disturbs me.

What brings me the most joy today is realizing whether it be woe or joy, the thoughts I think are being attended to without exception. There isn't a lonely thought out there unaddressed. I feel as if within my experience there is an amazing and full response that never skips a beat. It cannot give up on me because it is not really apart from me. There used to be times I wished the suffering would just stop, and now I experiencing an intense gratitude as I realize there is no off switch, and there couldn't be. As I begin to appreciate the guidance I see whether through suffering or joy, either way today I enjoying the realization that I cannot be alone, even if I wanted to be.

Thank you, Aaron.

Regarding authorship, words

Regarding authorship, words that touch me graciously today may have once felt meaningless or sometimes cold and empty, but now a new warmth is apparent. In this sense my ability to make constructive use of what I am reading, given where I am today, feels even more relevant than how high or low the source might be. The way I experience God in the words you share is by the power I feel flowing through them. The words to me seem less important than the energy I feel them express.

I grew up very analytical, working with computers and getting a degree in math and became an actuary. I was the most reliable person I've ever met. I would never have a sick day and everyone could count on me. I was a role model citizen. Then about 10 years ago I had a diving accident that shook me to the core of my being. I dove backwards into water that turned out to be 3 feet deep. Over the next 2 years my body completely recovered, but something inside of me had drastically changed. I remember in the moment of my accident everything appeared futile and empty. I was doing my best to live up to all the rules society had taught me, and in that moment of facing what appeared to be my end I felt tricked. My whole life felt like a lie I was telling to myself. For that moment I could see through my illusions, because in this last moment they didn't really matter anyway. Over the next 2 years my life grew increasingly difficult. I kept seeing through my own pretense. I wanted to put my old dreams back together, but it felt like gluing a broken statue. I couldn't make them mean to me what they used to mean. I wanted my old dreams to look real but now the cracks were painfully obvious. All I had left was a glorified piece of cheap plaster parts glued together. At the end of those 2 years my life seemed to deteriorate and I remember sadly looking at what was left of my attempt to put my life back together. I remember giving up on it, and giving up felt like falling into the deepest darkest pit I could ever imagine. I remember letting myself surrender to the empty darkness that I felt was my destiny. And for the first time in my life I felt a deep sense of peace. The darkness never came. I felt like I had put down a heavy burden and was happy not to have to carry it around anymore.

Over the following years I fell out of my career. It no longer felt meaningful to me. I'd go in and out of jobs here and there, but it became increasingly difficult to do things that feel empty to me. I'm far from the role model citizen I used to be. I started wanting to mean every word I say and mean every action I do. To say or do anything that does not come from my heart grows increasingly difficult.

What I appreciate about myself in this moment is my ordinariness. I like that I have no claim to anything impressive. I feel that something has broken past my walls. In an intense moment I was left defenseless without any escape, and my little illusions were simply not big enough to withstand it at the time. I like to realize that all my errors are indeed vulnerable and a bad day might just shatter them, but truth cannot be shattered. I don't have to protect the truth because after all is said and done, what really is true is not up for debate.

thank you

Dear Aaron,

thank you for sharing !! You found your True Self !

love and light,


Dear Aaron, thank you for

Dear Aaron, thank you for telling what was important in your life and how life changed your self. I like, that you are looking at it from an outer place, so you are not fully involved in your thoughts and your feelings. To read your experiences in your life opens my heart to you. I don't want to say I am so sorry, because I know there is a beautiful purpose in how your life appeared, but I want to let you know, that you touched my heart. If I understand you right and I want to express it in your words, I would say: "I see many beautiful and brilliant colors in your thoughts".

Dear Aaron, what you've

Dear Aaron, what you've written is very meaningful to me. Over many years of daily reading of Heavenletters viewpoints and opinions have been gently yet steadily shifted. The direction of the changes seems to be toward the rare "ordinariness" that you describe, the place of meaning every word I say and meaning every action I do, the place of truth that cannot be shattered. Whether these changes will continue to be gradual or will be at some point accelerated by an intense experience such as yours, I don't know. "I don't knows" are multiplying on this path. Thank you from my heart.

Aaron, your honesty has

Aaron, your honesty has touched many of us. You bowled me over with what you had to say and how you said it.

This morning I noticed that you had subscribed to Heavenletters about a week ago. There is something I wonder about, am bewildered about actually because today you ended your subscription to Heavenletters. Everyone is welcome to read Heavenletters or not read Heavenletters. No explanations are due. Perhaps you served your purpose here, and, like that song, now it's over. All blessings to you, Aaron.

Thanks Gloria, I love

Thanks Gloria,

I love explaining when I feel welcomed to. I love your devotion to peace and joy and all the most beautiful things that could be wished upon anyone.

Clarity in all my relationships is important to me. One of my favorite experiences is when a sense of distance transitions into a sense of closeness and mutual understanding. I seek more than just agreement. I like the experience of oneness, when we know beyond words that something about our distinct experiences is the same. We are not as apart as we thought we once were, and a sense of ease and connection and joy arises as we realize how not apart we are. Individuality can feel enjoyable for a while, but it eventually wears on all of us because it rests on establishing differences.

The difficulty I experienced this morning was when I read that some posts had been moderated to reduce religious content with a suggestion that we all move on. I felt a wave of sadness as I read the suggestion to move on. I did not read the post with religious content, so I'm not even sure which religious perspective was saying what about whom. What triggered within me is what I could describe as a feeling of helplessness. I have seen many things resolve themselves if only given enough room, but in this case I am unable to give more room to allow anything to unfold. It isn't my call.

I also felt any attempts on my part to express my view would have likely been seen as a form of dissent. I want to be a source of harmony but sometimes I don't feel clear on how I can be that. I don't want to disagree. I want to be one. But it seems like quite the leap at times and I don't know how to do it.

What would I have if I could wave my magic wand? Everyone recognizing the value in what everyone else has to offer. I would tell people never move on ever, ever again. Instead let's find a sense of perfect fulfillment and satisfaction and completion in the middle of this situation. There is no disagreement that can hold long in a space of love. Yesterday I was so blessed by this site, I was just beaming. A conflicting situation that almost arose was interrupted when an exhausted person told me I was glowing, that I seemed so happy, and instead of trying to make me feel responsible for their unhappiness, a smile creeped across their face and they sighed and relaxed for a moment. My nature is to give more and more space to everything. I see so much space available in this world. The more space I give, the more space I am given to give. I want to give so much room to everything and everyone to unfold as they will. I have seen so many amazing healings, and the most important ingredient I've seen of all is the willingness to give just a little bit more room, or sometimes a lot more room. Infinity is soooooo big it's not almost out of room.

If I were to be petty, I would say that I want you to be the person who finds a way to make room for all that shows up here. I don't see how to do that and I'm sure there are temporary values in keeping guidelines. But to me the purpose of a guideline is to find a way to no longer need it. Your words inspire many and many are drawn here and not all of them are capable of staying within guidelines. But I believe this is what time is for. There may not be an answer at this moment. But within us is the ability to find a way to reach from anywhere to everywhere. Not on our own of course, but we've got some amazing resources in our corner that our eager to help us achieve the oneness that is our birthright.

Thank you, dear Aaron. I do

Thank you, dear Aaron. I do love that we are honest and say what is true for us. What you write is most beautiful and embracing. I could highlight paragraph after paragraph of what you write and smile broadly.

No one likes this thing of censoring. I don't know how to make more room here, dear Aaron.

I would like to tell you how I came to the guidelines. Have you read them?

Way back, before Heaven Admin appeared to create a web site for Heavenletters™, a dear subscriber had created a forum for us on Yahool.

I had no ideas about guidelines.

Here's what happened:

Very soon there were fights on the forum. I mean beyond disagreement. There was bashing. There was open fighting. Even people of the same religion fought for the way they personally saw things, and there was animosity Religions and religious figures were put down and other religions and figures praised. Even politics came in. You can imagine the furor when there was a presidential election. And sometimes there was personal animosity between the people who posted. The forum was not all that but there was that. I have no intention of supporting it.

There are plenty of sites where people can say anything they want any way they want. There are plenty of forums that invite discussions and arguments about religion. This is not one of them. This site is meant to be a site that brings us closer to God.

No one who comes here has to love Christianity or Judiasm or Islam or religion at all, nor does anyone who comes here have to spell out the faults of any religion as he or she sees it or reflect negatively about any religious figure or politician or details about the cruelty they have been subjected to or the horrors of their illness nor to promote anything.

No one I know favors censorship nor do I favor it nor mean to spend all this time on it that I don't have. I have meant to be considerate in spending the time I do by taking out what I see as inappropriate rather than simply deleting the whole post. I would much rather Godwrite. I have more than I can do to keep up with Heavenletters.

How lovely it would be if there were no need for guidelines.

I keep vowing to just keep quiet, and then I'm not.

I love everything to be in the open. Will you please respond again? I don't want to close anyone out.

At the same time I sure don't want to have incited an onslaught of arguments and taking sides from the good people who come here. I believe we all want the same thing in our service to God.

aaron b., respect your

aaron b.,

respect your stand, altho not all for the same reasons.

I will add this. God loves our uniqueness as well. that's why so much of everything was created in all nuances. He chose not to make mirrors, but life with names, who find him by going "in"side as "in"dividuals. I thank god for that.

I liked describing my

I liked describing my motivations because it gives me an opportunity to see myself more clearly. I consider that when I dislike censorship, it is because I value an environment that is most conducive for being of benefit to everyone. From your experience as you use guidelines, it is also because you value an environment that is most conducive for being a blessing to us all.

In recognizing that I really do value the same thing you value, the difference becomes a technicality. Perhaps more moderation leads to a better experience, or perhaps less, I don't really know the answer to this.

The odd thing I notice about my thinking is for a moment I did not even notice my opinion existing in the equation. I felt as if you did not want a beautiful forum that provides the optimum experience because you did not approach it in the same way I would. But in standing back this perception seems ludicrous to me. It is obvious that you would want the best for your forum. It wouldn't make any sense at all otherwise.

What I appreciate about you in this moment is your willingness to try and understand me, and why I might behave the way I do. You express to me a role model of what I enjoy seeing myself becoming: someone who may not know the answers but is willing to be honest and is genuinely interested in seeing where others are coming from. So many times in my life I have played this role and it warms my heart to see someone compassionately reaching out to me. I feel grateful for everything that you are. It is beyond what I could ask for. I also feel as if many struggles I have had in the past with rules and structure are now becoming more clear to me. I love seeing that perhaps our paths are different, but there is something really beautiful we all intend to get to one way or the other, and it is only on the most important things that we have agreed all along.

Thank you for describing your motivations so clearly to me and helping me to recognize again the beauty of how masterfully well life can unfold around us!


Thanks, brother.


While a lot of things in my life no longer make much sense, I know when my heart is singing, and for now it seems to be enough. When my choices lead to a singing heart, then I am satisfied. As I begin to recognize how thoroughly satisfied I am, all those things that used to seem so important fade away in their own way and in their own time.

Thanks, Aaron. My heart is

Thanks, Aaron. My heart is singing.

Woe unto you who keeps chanting woe.

So long as you blame outer circumstances or another human being, or Me for your woe, you stay glommed to the very situation you protest.

Let’s say you flunked out of school. Who flunked out of school? Was I or anyone else supposed to study for you? You may have had a teacher who went too fast. What you say may be accurate.

Nevertheless, who is responsible for your grade? Who took the test? Who didn’t pass the test? The time you use denigrating the teacher could better be used in studying, don’t you think?

What is the use of blame? How does affixing blame help you?

Look, accusing Me or anyone, almost guarantees that you will sink into a pitfall.

When you play a certain note on the piano, what note are you going to hear?

When the Universe hears the note you sing, it’s likely it will echo the tone of what you sing.

When you think that life doesn’t dance to your tune, isn’t it possible that that is exactly what life is doing?

Wow, Adam. Wow!

Wow, Adam. Wow!

Students Are Teachers Too

This Heaven Letter was just what I needed to read today. It was a surprise to read through all of the wonderful comments and to discover that I had already commented on this letter previously. Thank God for being so kind, loving and patient with us, to allow us to retake lessons we might not have fully grasped or retained the first time through.

Sometimes not placing blame certainly may be easier said than done, but I am able to see the perfection in our imperfection. I agree that the most effective way to improve the world is to improve upon oneself, and it is actually quite liberating and relieving to know that every one of us still has room for further self-improvement and personal growth.

I have very much enjoyed reading all of the comments from the other subscribers today. My thank yous go out to J, Sam, Aaron, Uta, John, meyw, Heather, Anneke, to you, Gloria, and to everyone else who may read this. The letter stands on it's own perfectly well enough, but when two or more souls come together in the spirit of contributing their own knowledge and wisdom, honestly, calmly, and from the heart, I do find that it only further enriches the overall reading experience.

Peace, Love & Gratitude To All

Adam Michael