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Beloved Spanish Translators,

Until the Spanish Heavenletter website is up and running, Santhan suggests that Spanish translators continue posting their translations on the forum.

I see that the translations are going up there quickly!

Later there will be a way for you to post your translations directly onto the Spanish website, and, if I understand, for your translations to also be automatically sent out to subscribers at the same time. Mojah Media means to make this website self-sufficient.

There have been eight angels translating Heavenletters into Spanish. Some translators who took the responsibility for translating at the beginning have not been able to be so active at the present, and other translators have arrived.

We are so grateful for your blessing the world with your translations. We want to do everything to make it as easy as possible for you to translate the Heavenletters of your choice.

The question is: How do we coordinate so no Heavenletters are translated twice? What are your ideas for this?

Cecilia, is it possible to get a list of all the Heavenletters that have already been translated into Spanish?

Will everyone kindly post your responses on the forum here. All messages will be in one place for all to see. Nothing will be misplaced, and no one person has to juggle a lot of emails.

Incidentally, Santhan suggests we change the name of the Translator Corner to the Translator Circle or Translator Global Circle, and I agree. Corner is too small for what you are doing.

You may be sure I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions here.

Many thanks!

With blessings and love,


Gloria Helena just sent in

Gloria Helena just sent in this list of what she has translated. May I ask everyone to please post directly here rather than emailing me? Muchas gracias!

This is her Heavenletter list (44):


No. 1958 – Donde se originan los Miedos – Marzo 16, 2006

No. 1975 – En Nombre del Amor – Abril 02, 2006

No. 2018 – La Impronta del Amor – Mayo 15, 2006

No. 2172 – Cuando Ustedes Nacieron – Octubre 17, 2006

No. 2175 – Las Pequeñas Acciones – Octubre 20, 2006

No. 2177 – Bendigan el Mundo – Octubre 22, 2006

No. 2178 – Una Gran Iluminación – Octubre 23, 2006

No. 2179 – El Latido del Corazón del Universo – Nov. 11, 2006

No. 2180 – El Trono de los Cielos – Nov. 12, 2006

No. 2181 – Paz al Mundo – Nov. 13, 2006

No. 2182 – Inmersos en la Luz de Dios – Nov. 14, 2006

No. 2183 – (# corregido) – Empodera tus pensamientos – Nov. 15, 2006

No. 2183 – El Tiempo del No-Tiempo – Oct. 28, 2006

No. 2184 – Conciencia de Dios – Nov. 16, 2006

No. 2185 – Cosechen Frutos en el Cielo – Nov. 17, 2006

No. 2186 – Señales de Primavera – Nov. 18, 2006

No. 2187 – Un Devoto del Corazón – Nov. 19, 2006

No. 2188 - (# corregido) – Bendigan los Gobiernos – Nov. 20, 2006

No. 2188 – Cuando Uds. recogen manzanas de un árbol – Nov. 02, 2006

No. 2189 - (# corregido) – Hacer Amigos – Nov. 21, 2006

No. 2189 – Piensen en el Cielo – Nov. 03, 2006

No. 2218 – Juntos somos Inmortales – Dic. 18, 2006

No. 2219 – Tu Propósito Específico Te Encontrará – Dic. 21, 2006

No. 2257 – El Mayor Descubrimiento – Enero 29, 2007

No. 2258 – La Noche Oscura permite el Brillo de las Estrellas – Enero 30, 2007

No. 2261 – Amistarse con la Vida – Febrero 02, 2007

No. 2262 – Escrito en el Cielo – Feb. 04, 2007

No. 2263 – El Amor de Dios – Feb. 05, 2007

No. 2269 – Vida Interior – Feb. 10, 2007

No. 2271 - ¡Uau Dios! Feb. 12, 2007

No. 2275 – La Película de la Vida – Feb. 16, 2007

No. 2287 – La Partida de un Ser Amado – Feb. 28, 2007

No. 2292 – El Poder de Dios – Marzo 05, 2007

No. 2296 – Buena Fortuna – Marzo 09, 2007

No. 2301 – El Momento Perfecto – Marzo 14, 2007

No. 2306 – El Tesoro de Dios – Marzo 19, 2007

No. 2308 – Sean como los Amados Animales – Marzo 21, 2007

No. 2310 – Y los Angeles – Marzo 23, 2007

No. 2312 - La Gran Hilandera – Marzo 25, 2007

No. 2315 – La Invención del Tiempo – Julio 06, 2007

No. 2317 – El Secreto – Marzo 30, 2007

No. 2319 – El Tren que Einstein Observó – Abril 01, 2007

No. 2326 – Las Maravillas del Mundo – Abril 08, 2007

No. 2462 – El Dinero – Agosto 22, 2007

For all Spanish translators

For all Spanish translators -- new postings come so fast and wonderfully that earlier ones are whisked off the page in a minute. I just want to be sure that everyone who translates Heavenletters into Spanish sees this.


Querida Gloria and

Querida Gloria and translators,

You are right Gloria, we shouldn't be posting double, specially after spending time to do so in each one's busy lives. I have an idea though for Spanish translator only, and maybe each language can do the same. Each translator should have every other translator's e-mail address and make sure to send a notice on which HEAVEN Letter they're working on. I think it's simple enough.

Dear Gloria, after my return from Peru, where I'm not sure if by chance or what, but when mother nature said bye to me on the night of my flight with an incredibly strong earthquake I felt so alive, and felt how alive our earth really is, the most incredible part that I've never seen or heard of before was how the whole sky lit up from the tremendous energy released from the under sea plates coliding with one another, it was pure static that you could feel all around. I realised as you always say in your letters, we have to accept we don't have control over anything in this universe. I felt so minute and small in the middle of the quake, I mean you can't explain with words what real power is, and here we are thinking we're all powerful with our technology and great weapons, wrong!!!

I accepted that so deep inside of me that I just rode the quake like it was a drizzle, I was so calmed time slowed down for me, and I could see the panic everyone else allowed themselves to be in. I was thinking clearly that told myself it's happening, you can't do a thing to stop it, and it's also happened before and it will always happen. I don't know if it was the calm state I was in that made me feel it with less intensity than everybody else commented it was afterwards. It must be that I didn't focus much energy in it and therefore didn't entune all of my senses into it like most people did by fearing it.

Anyhow, wheather it was by chance or synchronized by my desire and intention to learn and evolve my view and understanding of this life not so much intellectually but intuitive and spiritually, it did touch me in the very core of my being, and will never forget it.

Gloria, I also went to the Blog as you said to read about the bumper sticker comment from Nigeria but didn't find anything. I was wondering because I know you said not to send them to your address anymore because you had plans to move to Argentina. Would you like me to send you some more if you're still in the same address.

I go back to Peru in December, I loved the time I spent there, the people, very friendly, the laid back air you breathe, the beautiful ocean and its charged up breeze clearing up your lungs and soul. I travel to Andean towns, where people are more humble than the city even, where time doesn't exist because there no where to run to and make money. I mean people's focus is on people and family rather then economy, they do work, but they take it as another playful routine of the day, another one of their hobbies, just as you tell us we should here. I'm totally in love with that enviroment.

Poverty, yes it exists, but this time I didn't care to concentrate on that or any other negative aspect of poor countries. Those are just statuses, who cares, it doesn't make the people who live there less, or less succesful because they don't have the material comforts we do here. In fact I was so acustomed and attached to them, not only that but believed as many do that it's the only reflection of a successful life, that it shocked me the first time I went three years ago and returned so confused and angry, how wrong, that made me realised that wasn't success because I still had internal issues with anger and other feeling, peace wasn't there yet, so success wasn't there yet, even though I was so convinced it was because I was now an Engineer and business owner who came from nothing to this country. What I realised is that I was trying to set status of living for others inside my ego, when there are no categories in this creation but the ones we've learned to live by, and separate ourselves with. I had to clear all that anger energy to be able to enjoy it and learn to love so much I just want to be there and nowhere else. Simplicity of mind and humbleness of spirit are key to loving without conditions, in other words, yes, be like a child.

Love, and don't forget Spanish translators to send each other your e-mail addresses, mine is galveztony [at] msn [dot] com and I'm going to work on HEAVEN #2531 Innocence and Good Will, October 30, 2007 tonight and early tomorrow, if someone has already started translating that one, please let me know.


"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery".
(Bob Marley)

Everyone read Pedro's

Everyone read Pedro's comment here!

Pedro, you make me think of so many things to say. I will keep quiet for a while, however, so others have a chance to respond to all the powerful things you are saying.

You belong to be a writer, dear one.

Re bumper stickers, you are so wonderful. I think the next batch would need to go to Argentina in Spanish. Thank you so much for offering them, querido.

Will you tell us again the location of your spiritual center in Peru? When we're traveling to Argentina in the motor home, it may be possible that we can stop there to meet Renzo and see all you and he have been doing there. We probably won't be there yet in December while you are there. How far is Peru from Argentina?

With love and blessings,


Gloria, That is so


That is so wonderful. You must pass right through our place on the beach since it is the only highway connectingCentral & North America pretty much, as soon as you cross the Ecuadorian border, the first town over on the Peruvian side is where our place is.

Please, just let me know when you are on your trip. Renzo's father also loves driving around South America, he does it every year and we might do that route again this year, I'll be staying there for a while, 3 or 4 months (I'm in love with freedom).

Peru is maybe a couple days drive from Argentina, you must croos throu Chile first; which is south of Peru and Angentina will be east of Chile.

I also want to do take that trip later when I finally move. I want to buy a truck here and drive it through Central to South America, and see all those countries, people, in the end what else is life about but that, the exchange of admiration for others.