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Global Translators Circle

This is a great title, Senor. Many thanks for thinking of it. And for making it happen.

Blessings and love,


Dear Santhan and Dear Gloria

Dear Santhan and Dear Gloria Canlarim,

I have just checked the subscription process. Santhan has already changed the expression for Turkish translations, "three times a week" into "EVERYDAY" :wub:

Thanks a lot. I think it will be more encouraging. :thumbup:

On the otherhand the title of "Global Translators Circle" sounds and looks great!!! Great Idea.

And, after 9 hours of coach trip we arrived at home last night. It was a bit tiring :Criying: , sooo HOME SWEET HOME!!!

I think and I hope at least for a couple of months we will not travel anywhere and stay at home. :Rolleyes: :wub: