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Another Great New Translator

Dearest Veronika,

Yes, we would love to have you help translate Heavenletters into German! I am so happy you stepped forward. You can imagine how thrilling it is to receive your kind offer.

One German translator, Stefan, lives in Germany. Another, Berit, is from Germany and now lives in Italy and sometimes translates as well. We welcome you, Veronika, with open arms.

Here, on the Global Translators Circle is where translators ask their questions and communicate their hearts. I ask everyone to post on the forum. In this way our words reach many, have a greater influence, and our inboxes don’t get inundated, and we multiply ourselves! We would all like to know more about you, dear Veronika.

The requirements for being a translator are that you subscribe to Heavenletters and love them and want to share them! Ideally, you would translate the Heavenletters you most want to. You and Stefan and Berit can work out how you all want to do it so there is no duplication.

Veronika, how do you know of Heavenletters?

Four new translators have come forward just recently. Two Spanish, one Finnish, one Bulgarian. A gentleman from Pakistan may also translate into Urdu for us.

If you would like to see all the languages presently represented, please go here:

Scroll down, and you will see all the languages and where you would post your translations as well.

You may be sure we're looking forward to getting to know you and to your translations.

God bless you, Veronika.

With love, Gloria