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Beloved Translator Angels, New and Old!

Welcome to four new translators -- Lourdes, Sara, Vanya, and Elisabeth. Lourdes and Elisabeth in Spanish, Vanya in Bulgarian, and Sara in Finnish. Wonderful, wonderful.

Thank you so much for being happy to translate Heavenletters. Please know how much your generosity and goodness of heart are appreciated.

When you translate, you are making it possible for people to read Heavenletters in their mother tongue. This is a huge doorway that you open. This is so vital. Please know you are doing a great thing. And when you translate, there is more going on on the subtle levels than we can possibly know, do you agree?

For the new translators who posted their intentions on the forum, I want to be sure you know I have responded to each of you personally on the forum as well.

Here’s where you will find your postings and my responses:

It is inspiring to know that Elisabeth has already been translating Heavenletters! Elisabeth found Heavenletters on a site that I didn’t even know about and, and under the name Lightworker, has already started posting her translations on the forum and in other places as well!

Some translators have an inner drive and joy to translate every day. Such desire can only come from inside.

Everyone is to translate as it fits comfortably into their lives and hearts. Whether it is every day or twice a week or once a month or once a year, all our names are marked down in Heaven.

As you know, there is a section on the forum called Translators Corner. Of course, you know, because you are here now! This is the place for all translators to ask their questions and to communicate their hearts. Anything extra you do for Heavenletters, please tell us here on the forum. I ask everyone to post on the forum. In this way our words reach many, have a greater influence, and our inboxes don’t get inundated, and we multiply ourselves! What we are doing is not personal any longer. We are growing into our Universal Selves.

Vanya and Sara, will you kindly do a translation or two so that tech angels will be inspired to make a place for Bulgarian and Finnish on the forum and on the subscription page? For your very first translations, will you kindly send them to me too so I know you are up and running?

Berit, will you kindly explain to the new translators where to send their translations and how all that works? Of course, everyone can pitch in!

God bless you, translator angels, and many many thanks for all you give. I think of everyone of you every single day with great gratitude.

All my love,


Ariel, you must be Vanya! It

Ariel, you must be Vanya! It is so wonderful to see your translations posted. So very wonderful. Thrilling!

And I noticed you posted your photo. Gorgeous.

Some day there will be translator page on the web site with everyone's photo.

It was mentioned some time ago that one day all the translators will meet.

With love and blessings,