Pump That Love, Beloveds!

God said:

When you adore a movie star, you are adoring Me. The Human need to worship is great. Adoring someone in the world brings out the desultory love that is within you. It is good practice, but only practice. That little exercise of adoration in the world is like a sip of love. It is almost infinitesimal next to the great love within you. You are expanding your love for Me. Your heart swells in love. You think you can't possible love more strongly than you do now, but, oh yes, you can. Your love is ever-expanding. All of creation is My love expanding. My love ever expands, and so does yours. There is simply no end to Our love.

What you focus your love on is incidental. What is important is that you love, that you let love billow out of your heart. Exercise your heart of love as if it were a love pump. Pump that love, beloveds!

I am the Initiator of Love and the greatest Receiver of Love as well. You send My own love back to Me. Wherever you send it, it comes back to Me. You may think it is the rock star you adore, but, no, it is your adoration for Me. The rock star is merely a symbol, a token that stirs the great love in your heart. You already must know that it is something more than the rock star that you love. It is something within you that you love to have come out. You love your love. You love love. So be it.

Love is meant to venture out. If love is like a ribbon that extends from your heart, it is I Who pulls it out. Ultimately, I am the Puller of your love. I am, after all, the Creator of it.

You are an Ocean of Love, and you know by now that I am the Originating Ocean. It is My Ocean of Love in your heart that palpitates and roars to the shore of other hearts. My love meets My love wherever it goes and whomever it seemingly comes from.

My love leaps like a deer on a mountain pass. My love leaps. And it leaps into your heart. My love reaches into your heart, and your heart is like a car that has started. Yes, you are on to love. You are onto the track of love.

You have been a hunter of it and a gatherer. And now, more than ever, you are the giver of it. You strew your love like rose petals down a wedding aisle. Beloveds, this is the marriage of your love and Mine. Forever One, We march down the aisle anyway. We attest to Our Oneness of love. We don't care who knows it. We spill Our love everywhere like champagne from a bottle. We throw it up in the air like a bride's bouquet, and it lands — it lands everywhere. Everyone catches it and tosses it up again, and love pours down on Earth like beautiful rain and there is no one who can possibly think he is without love.

We are drenched in love. We soak it up. We laugh in the rain of love. We are swept up in the wings of love. We are borne across the universe, and We are the love hailing upon Earth. We are the drops of love raining from Heaven. Love with all your heart, and love even more, beloveds. Love until there is no stopping it.