A Meeting with God

God said:

You will catch up to Me. We have a meeting scheduled for today. We will meet up at a certain part of your day as if your day were a road, and we have a rendezvous at the corner. There will be a juncture in your day when We go into a diner for a cup of coffee or tea or nothing at all. We meet because it is Our joy to meet. I look forward to it.

I keep no calendar. I'm going to be at Our designated place anyway. I will be there early. I am already there. If I am already there, it must be here where I am. So I am here and I gaze upon the world as I wait for you. I think you are coming now. The door opens. The little bell rings. I see you come in.

The strangest thing happens. You don't see Me! You go right past Me. My eyes follow you still. You sit at a table by yourself. You simply don't notice Me. I must be invisible. I find that you are looking out at the world, and We are gazing together. In that way, we have met. We have met in what your eyes gaze at.

I get up and sit next to you. You do not notice.

I put My arm around you, and you do not feel anymore than you see.

I whisper sweet words of everything into your ear, and you do not hear.

I ask the waitress to bring you a good meal. She comes with it. You eat. You think you ordered it. You don't know it came from Me. You would be so happy when you could know that the food you eat comes from Me. When you know that I pulled up a chair for you. When you know that My love engulfs you and won't let you go. When you know you are My beloved. When you know you are a blessed being of the Divine. When you know you are a blessed being. When you know you are here to bless. When you know that it is a treat to live on Earth. When you know it is My treat. When you know I have given you everything for the exultation of the Universe. When you know that you are the Universe. When you know that We sit side by side or knee to knee in this diner or anywhere or everywhere. When you know how much and how inalterably We love. When you know that the very air you breathe is love, every sound is, everything is My love and nothing is not.

You get up, leave a tip, and walk to the door without so much as a wave to Me. I leave with you. In fact, I open the door for you. I go ahead of you, and you follow in My footsteps not knowing that you do, not knowing that I accompany you. You fear you are alone and that you don't know what you're doing or where you're going. In truth, you do not, for if you did, you would know that I am with you.

You may cry out for peace, and I have already given peace to you.

You may cry out for love when you are already established in love, when you are surrounded by love at every turn, when you are resplendent with love, ever rising consummate love.

You think you leave somewhere when you go somewhere. You think you arrive when always you are traveling in an upward spiral to the King of Kings Who boosts you up higher and higher until one day your vision clears and you begin to see how high you are and Who is with you, and Who ever was.

This is revelation. It is not My revealing Myself to you. It is you revealing Me to you. You are the revealer of what was always was but not seen.