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PS NOTE beneath the translations

Canim Gloria,

I decided to write a PS note beneath the each translation, saying: "dear member you can reach daily translations via the link :

What do you think?????



Canim Engin, I love that you

Canim Engin, I love that you are thinking of Heavenletters in every way.

This is really Santhan's department.

I am wondering what made you think of this. You must have good reasons.

At first glance, I wonder why the people who receive your beautiful translations every day would need to go to the web site. My question might be: How do we reach the people who do not yet subscribe and might really like to if only they knew about Heavenletters?

As soon as the Turkish web site is up, that will bring new readers.

God bless you, dear Engin, a thousand times over.

With love,


Dear Gloria, I have just

Dear Gloria, I have just wanted them to see the all translations together within an archieve. :Rolleyes:

I am not sure whether they are aware of the web site. ;)



I see what you mean! Right

I see what you mean!

Right off the top of my head -- wait a minute, isn't at the bottom of the translations you send? Is this information translated into Turkish?

This is something we should look at. Santhan, what do you say?

God bless you, Engin, for caring about Heavenletters and sharing your ideas.

With love,