Plant Your Garden

God said:

There is no question but that you must let your attention go to what gives you joy. Never mind about what does not. Put your attention on what gives you joy, and then you multiply it. Put your attention on what you do not enjoy, and you multiply that. The universe hears your thoughts. It does what you bid it. Rather, it reacts to the caliber of your thoughts.

Just lightly turn your attention away from war, disease, poverty and displeasure of all kinds. The same way you do not serve yourself rancid food, do not serve yourself rancid thoughts. This is key. This is important for your sense of well-being. You absorb what you think about. Why think about horror when you can think of joy?

Put parental controls on your own mind, beloved. Not on your heart. Off your heart and onto the mind. Let your heart be, but guide your mind. Consider that your mind is a waiter in a great restaurant of the world. The menu is chock-full of everything. But you as one who dines do not have to read the whole menu. You know what you like. Look for that, and skim the rest or order off the cuff.

Beloveds, if you charted the anguish or joy your thoughts give, you might see some imbalance. Think healthy thoughts. Consider healthy thoughts protein. Or consider them dessert. Whereas in your food choices, you may refrain from sweets, when it comes to your life, eat all the sugar you want. Sweeten your thoughts, sweeten your life. You never have to worry about your life being too sweet. You cannot have too much sweetness in life.

The range of your thoughts is the map your life follows.

Does this mean you control your life with your thoughts? Yes and no. It is more that your thoughts choose the feeling level of your life. Look not for your thoughts to bring you fruition, however, for then you are calling for gratification. Let the results of your thoughts take care of themselves. You take care of your thoughts.

When certain thoughts are not welcome, do not welcome them. Abstain from reading about the ravages of war. What is the gain of sitting in your living room and thinking about the pain of war. Think instead about the beauty of peace and all the evidence for it, and you will be creating a plateau of peace. Certainly you must know that your thoughts contribute to the state of the world. When you no longer think negatively, then you can start holding others responsible for the state of the world. Until that time, beloveds, hold yourself responsible, for you are responsible for your thoughts.

If you play the piano, you know that certain keys you strike make certain music. You can play notes that produce cacophony, if you choose, and cacophony is what you will hear. It is so simple, so obvious, but you overlook that when it comes to your thoughts. Your thoughts are multipliers. Your thoughts multiply whatever they are on.

Sometimes you have thought it almost your duty to watch the news and cluck over it, as if agony of others is somehow sweet to the taste. War is not sweet. Accountings of war are not sweet. And yet you eat up the news. Beloveds, plant your garden, look up at the stars, hold someone’s hand and go for a walk instead.

What seeds are you planting? If you want apples, plant apple seeds. In your garden, you remove the weeds. Well, then, remove the weeds of your thoughts.

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2 Heavenletter Haiku for

2 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said no question
Think of what gives you joy now
It is so simple

God said this is key
The Universe hears your thoughts
It does what you bid

Love, Light and Aloha!