The Poem of You

God said:

Beloveds, through sun and rain, you are an inviolable Being of God. You are never more – there is no more to be – and you are never less. I am aware that you see yourself as less. I am aware that sometimes you act less than the Divine Being you are, but none of that changes what you are, not one inch does it. What I made you as, you are. There is nothing you can do about it.

You may go to great lengths to prove otherwise. You will even resort to anger to prove your unworthiness. Enough of that, beloveds. There is no rhyme nor reason to belie the inviolable Truth of you. You are not going to change anything. You may deepen your misguided conviction. You may fool everyone in the world, but it changes not one hair on your head. Why, beloveds, would you persist in thinking less of yourself rather than more?

Man fights God. Who do you think is going to win? I have already won. And you have your sense of self-worth to gain. Gain it now. Stop sputtering. You are Divinity in a Human body. With the arrival of a physical body, you started to measure yourself and found yourself wanting. No need to measure. Just accept. Put those measuring tapes away. They are faulty.

When you make mistakes in arithmetic, you erase the errors without hesitation. Well, then, erase the errors in your appraisal of yourself and others. Just think what even a slight change in your vision will do for the world. Start using an eraser on your thinking. Shift your attention to what enriches rather than what takes away. You have subtracted when you could have been adding.

You were knighted in Heaven to further My Will. A knight with amnesia is still a knight. Only he is a knight who has forgotten that he is a knight. What a thing to forget! You were dubbed a knight by the King. You were dubbed a Holy Being by God.

You may have forgotten that you pledged allegiance to all that is holy, but I have not forgotten, and it wouldn’t matter if I did -- as if I could! You signed Our agreement with your heart and soul, and you will live up to it. It may be by hit or miss. No matter, you have no choice in this, beloved. I don’t know why you would choose otherwise anyway, but the most you can do is delay and circumvent yourself until you concede. You have been good at circumventing yourself. Actually, I ask no concession from you. I ask to give you more, and your ability to accept more is called surrender. Surrender to the goodness that you are. Surrender yourself gladly. Accept the shield of love I give you. Mount the white horse of love, and be on your way. Gallop! Polish your armor another time. Now, just ride.

There is nothing for you to figure out. Simply accept My drawing of you. My picture is accurate. The picture you’ve been carrying around has missed the point.

A poem is more than the words it is made of. And so are you more than your constituent parts. Poems are made of words, but the words are incidental to what the poem is about. Poetry goes beyond words. And so do you, a Human Being loved by God. You are more than you appear to the world and to yourself. Now it is time for you to draw more closely to My poem of you. How about now?

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2 Heavenletter Haiku for

2 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Shift your attention to love
And further My Will

God said heart and soul
What I made you as you are
You Being of God

Love, Light and Aloha!