The Orchestration of Life

God said:

Easy does it. Resistance doesn’t do it. Resistance is resistance. It oftentimes gives you the opposite of what you want. If you want a smooth path in life, walk on it. You don’t need to scuff your shoes along the way.

If there are puddles, lift your skirt and go through the puddles. Or walk around them.

When you think life has to be according to your plan, you grab a situation as if it were an opponent when it is only a puddle. As you grapple, you turn a puddle into a mountain, beloveds. Engage instead. Make friends with the mountain of your imagination that seems to block your path. Make life easy to come to you.

You may know the ways of the world, but that doesn’t mean you always know the orchestration of life. Your mind knows only so much. Your eyes see only so far. Go along with life, and see where it takes you.

You want instant gratification, beloveds. In your insistence, you may waste a lot of time, the very thing you are trying to save. You most certainly will waste energy. It is not that you have to gain patience. It is not a question of patience nor impatience. It is a question of your allowing life to take its course. You determine yourself. You cannot always determine life. You may direct yourself, but you cannot always direct life. It does not have to do your bidding.

Life may not follow your schedule. If it were up to you, a seed you plant today would grow before your very eyes very much like Jack’s beanstalk, and you would like to climb it right away. Life may go too slowly for you. You try to hasten it, yet you may be the one who has to slow down.

Your plans are only your plans. They are not the map of life. They are your fantasy, beloveds. Sometimes fantasies come true just as you picture them. Sometimes they weave and wind and take more threads than you imagined.

When you think something in your life is taking too long, the delay is your fantasy. You can do everything under the sun, and still sometimes life is going to amble along at its own pace. Who is off-schedule? You or life?

When you are going to catch a train, there is a printed schedule you can go by. Life does not provide you with a printed schedule of fulfillment of your desires. You can write one of your own, but you are guessing. Your timetable is not a contract that life has signed with you.

It’s true that life serves you. Often it serves you like a mother. She serves you food she wants you to have rather than the Oreos you would prefer. Or she gives you two cookies, not twenty. Or she says, Tomorrow.

Consider life a meeting you attend. It may not follow your agenda.

The way to take life by the tail is to let it lead.

Go for what you want. Persist. Do not give up a noble aim. And also do not resist the play as it unfolds. Resistance is giving your power away. Do you begin to see?

Your choice is not to be lackadaisical or adamant. You don’t have to be one or the other. Just know that you are learning.

When you surf, you go with the waves. You are surfing life, beloveds.