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Pictures of Paradise

Sometimes I come across passages in Heavenletters™ that make me relax and feel at ease immediately. They sort of kidnap me, and the next moment I find myself in some beautiful sunny garden where I can just look around without having to do or accomplish anything at all.You feel at home. Nothing can happen to you here. This is LIFE.

Today I had the idea it might be nice to have some of those soothing and deeply nurturing scenes and images handy. What are some of the passages in Heavenletters™ that, even if only for a moment or until "realism" sets in again, make you feel, "Ah, that's where I'd love to be, that is how I'd like to live, that is what home feels like."

If you could have three wishes today

If you could have three wishes today, what would they be? Three wishes to be fulfilled immediately, not long-term. Is this a hard question? Does it make you think? Pause a moment.

Where do these wishes take you? What are you thinking about?

Now add three more.

Periodically today, write down new wishes. It is good for you to know what you are looking forward to today.

Today is a garden of flowers. Come into this garden. It is right here before you.

Carry this garden with you today in your mind. That way you not only nourish the world but also the garden of your mind.

Picture the circle earth. Now picture it with you on the curve of it, you at the top, you at the top of the world. Nothing is between you and the earth. No buildings. No knowledge. No interference. Just you and the world and God above.

What a marvelous idea, Senor

What a marvelous idea, Senor Jochen!

From your lovely selection, I have already "stolen" quotations for the next Heaven Sutra Calendar Book!

Muchas gracias!

In an age where it is

In an age where it is possible to trademark even genetic material, this stealing is realy problematic, Señora. But I think I'll forgo my © for the moment. Once this stuff starts getting profitable, however, we'll have to negotiate anew.


I see you drive a hard

I see you drive a hard bargain! :)

Oh Jochen, What a Brilliant, Shiny Idea!!

Oh, Jochen what a great idea!! Count me in...I'll be watching out for such places as I read all the Heavenletters from the archives.

By the way, does anyone else but me realize your "touchdown"?? The angels are singing...

I'll be back to post!!

I want you. I want you more

I want you. I want you more than anything in the world. Of course, I have you, always have, so then what I want is that you know in Whose Presence you are. This is not a court you stand in as you imagine. This is not a court of law. We can say that you stand in a beautiful courtyard where everything green grows magnificently and the sun shines every day and all is misted with love. We can say that you sit in a patio chair in the courtyard of My heart.

At Home in the Marketplace...

"In life you are in a candy store. Oh, My, all the delicious candies. You live in the candy store, beloveds. Think of all the deliciousness that is imported and exported. You are more than you accept wherever you stand. In effect, wherever you stand, you stand in mid-air. There is no ground under your feet. There is you, sublime. There is you, MIRTH in My heart. There is you, juxtaposed in front of yourself, yet you exist, and you are sublime whether you notice it or not. You spin sublimely."

I live in a city. I am MOST UNFORTUNATEY not exposed to the broader spectrum of nature, as God intended us to be. Most of my aquaintance with nature is with Humans...not all bad...NOT AT ALL!! I like US!!

I read the above referenced Heavenletter thusly:

"In life WE are in a candy store. Oh, My, all the delicious candies. WE live in the candy store, beloveds. Think of all the deliciousness that is imported and exported. WE are more than WE accept wherever WE stand. In effect, wherever WE stand, WE stand in mid-air. There is no ground under OUR feet. There is US, sublime. There is US, mirth in My heart. There is US, juxtaposed in front of OURSELVES, yet WE exist, and WE are sublime whether WE notice it or not. WE spin sublimely".

So...I joke a little with whoever's in line with me, and since I relate "from the heart", most of the time "whoever" is sublimely relieved. And I feel "at home"...and hopefully, they also feel "at home".

"...that is what home feels like."

Where else is there to be??

Doin' my part to make Reality real as best I can,

And so more quotes for next

And so more quotes for next year's Heaven Sutra Calendar Book!

Bonnie, what is the number, name, and permanent link of the Heavenletter you excerpted from. It sounds like it must be The Candy Store! Is it?

Oops!! Here's the reference...

Sweet Gloria,
Oh, my...I was so busy talking to the person in line with me, I forgot to reference the quote.

Heavenletter # 2079
The Candy Store

When you read a book

To Our Oneness
Heavenletter # 235 Published on: June 21, 2001

When you read a book, you are trying to find out what you think. Your consciousness reads a book that a part of you wrote in a different hand in a different point of space and time, but you wrote it, and you read it now to find out what you wrote then. You are not really a different person from the one who wrote the book you hold in your hand. You are that person. In a different body, you are that person.

All the actors on stage are you.

You wrote all the plays.

You star in all the movies.

Who in the world is there besides you?

I do not know anyone else. I know you. And you are I, reflecting on an ocean of life. And you are the ocean. The waves wave Me here and there, but there is the One Ocean.

I have a series of happy events ready to hand out to you.

What Miracles Would You Like?
Heavenletter # 2817 Published on: August 11, 2008

The time is coming when nothing can make you unhappy, when everything can only make you happy. How do you feel about this?

Let There Be

Let There Be Laughter
Heavenletter # 2602 Published on: January 9, 2008

And what will herald the beginning of the New World’s Debut? It will be laughter, beloveds. You will find you are laughing more. Sometimes, even seated by yourself, alone in your room, you will think of something, and you will start laughing. You may not even think of something. You may not know what you are laughing about. You will only know that you are laughing, laughing, laughing. Rumbles of your laughter will reverberate all over the world. Smiles will arise.

The sound of this Great Light that is dawning is laughter. Laughter.

I am in love with all these

I am in love with all these quotations. I cannot get enough of them.

They are definitely going into the next Heaven Sutra Calendar Book.

Shine On, O Harvest Moon!

Will you forego seriousness now? Once and for all? Will you become lighthearted in service to Me?
Will you be spunky and delightful and just so much fun? Who told you it was important to be somber, and to be somber, of all things, about Me!
Love Me, culture Me, and let’s play, you and I. Let’s have a good time while we’re at it. Has there not been enough seriousness? You can be respectful to God, country, life without being so serious. I wish frowns had never been invented. Only smiles from now on, beloveds. Smile right now as We converse in dance time, fun time, love time.

Heavenletter # 2604
Shine On, O Harvest Moon!

Thank you so much, dear

Thank you so much, dear Bonnie. You find such good quotes.

walking around Earth

Blessings like Apple Blossoms
Heavenletter # 1950 Published on: March 25, 2006

Everyone walks the Earth, and everyone is in a quandary, walking around Earth as if it were the only place in the world, as if there were no further they could go, as if they were immobilized in a pasture bounded by a fence. Even when the view seems to be muddled, there is still a valley hidden by a mountain, a mountain hidden by mist, and your soul hidden from yourself.
Does this belong under "Pictures of Paradise"? From the feeling it gives me, yes. A feeling of great freedom and great unity. "Come out into the boundless", it whispers, "beyond your safety, beyond your beliefs, beyond your healthy diet, beyond yourself. Come out to meet what you have longed to meet. Then give it a name if you still like."

It sure does! I may have

It sure does! I may have added it to the 2010 print calendar book twice!!!!

A Meeting with God

A Meeting with God
Heavenletter # 1574 Published on: March 11, 2005

So I am here and I gaze upon the world as I wait for you. I think you are coming now. The door opens. The little bell rings. I see you come in.

The strangest thing happens. You don't see Me! You go right past Me. My eyes follow you still. You sit at a table by yourself. You simply don't notice Me. I must be invisible. I find that you are looking out at the world, and We are gazing together. In that way, we have met. We have met in what your eyes gaze at.

I get up and sit next to you. You do not notice.

I put My arm around you, and you do not feel anymore than you see.

I whisper sweet words of everything into your ear, and you do not hear.

I ask the waitress to bring you a good meal. She comes with it. You eat. You think you ordered it. You don't know it came from Me. You would be so happy when you could know that the food you eat comes from Me. When you know that I pulled up a chair for you. When you know that My love engulfs you and won't let you go.

Play Catch with Love

Play Catch with Love
Heavenletter # 1569 Published on: March 6, 2005

Can you imagine a world without love? It is too terrible to imagine. Yet you have imagined it. You have seen greed and selfishness and war and distrust, and you may have swung your eyes over to them, those things that are less than love. Now, just as easily, bring your eyes back to love, and you will see sunrise, and you will see light coursing through the universe. As your heart lifts, you heighten the world. Your heart is the lever of the universe. You are My proponent of love.
Anything but love is just a filler. It merely keeps open the place set aside for love. It sits in love's seat for only a little while. As soon as love enters, anything less than love gets up and gets out of the way of love. It was just keeping love's place warm. Anything less than love knows it is nothing but a place-holder.

a small typo

... and you will correct it in a second ...

"... and your [ you ] will see light coursing through the universe."

Thanks, Theophil.

Thanks, Theophil.

you in your right heart

What Is Heaven After All?
Heavenletter # 1197 Published on: February 17, 2004

When you are not in a Human body, you know Who and What you are without question. In a Human body, you question.

You do not know how to reconcile Divinity with physicality. That is your dilemma.

Sometimes you feel that this errant body was foisted on you. You cannot believe that you accepted it. You find the idea that you asked for it utterly preposterous. Who in their right mind would do that? It was you in your right heart who did that.

When you chose the aspects of this life on earth that you amicably chose, you were not thinking of yourself and yourself alone. Naturally, you had a bigger picture in mind. Naturally, you saw more than you see now. You were not blinded then. You are blinded now. But you even asked for this blindness so that you would be irrevocably innocent like the lost child in the huge woods who finds his way.

At present you do not feel that you are innocent. You may even feel jaded. You are aware that you can be the greatest sophisticate on earth and yet be innocent of Heaven.

Come, don't hold on so tightly to the trappings of the world. Come, love yourself, and once again, in a trice, find yourself in that supreme state known as Heaven.

I'm buying into this, but I may have other motives!

First, I love the idea. It can only work.

I've observed so often people download pinter friendly files or pdf documents to store on their computer. Often they may attach these pdf documents or powerpoint presentations and send them off to their entire list of friends. Using this idea Jochen, we can deepen Heaven's network reach and provide an inspiring gift.

The calendar for example was downloaded over 700 times. I spent way too much time on that calendar, but the creation of the calendar inspired a new way of creating printer friendly web documents, which I will be using for other work that includes Heaven.

Going with this idea, it would be possible to select a quote from a Heavenletter, associate it with an image and provide this as a pdf download. I know we can make the whole process of creating the the pdf simple and doable via the website.

I've made a note of this.

One Love

whatever degree

What If Innocence Took Over?
Heavenletter # 2420 Published on: July 11, 2007

This is the moment of moments. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Open your heart so you collect all the good I have stored for you in a cabinet of My heart. I have held it in safe-keeping for you. I know what is missing, even if you don’t.

An automatic account has been set up for you. Open your heart like a floodgate, and you will have all of the treasure that has been waiting for you. To whatever degree your heart opens will your treasure fill it up.
I seem to be bringing this up again and again. I hope it doesn't get boring.
There is nothing, nothing, we have to take care of ourselves. Except opening our hearts. And even that isn't something we do. We simply lean there. The freedom and paradisical ease this quote exudes for me is getting deeper and more fragrant every day.
Dont tell me that words are nothing.
I know what is missing, even if this guy doesn't.

You are not a stone I threw

The Train That Einstein Observed
Heavenletter # 2319 Published on: April 1, 2007

You sit in a swing in the middle of the Sun, and you pump the swing, and it takes you ever higher. You pump your legs so strongly that you find yourself out of the Sun. For a brief moment of passing time, as you are out of the center of the Sun, you forget your centeredness. But on the arc of your swing, you are swinging back. You have ever been hinged to the inner chamber of the Sun. The hinge is strong, and it is unbreakable. And no matter how high you swing and no matter how far out you go, you are ever in the swing, and you can never fall. You are catapulted at the same time as you are tethered.

You are swinging yourself back. In the initial thrust on the swing, as you are on your way, you are also returning. No matter how far out you go, you are on your way from whence you came. And when you swing back into the center of the Sun, the light of the Sun absorbs you. You are absorbed. You were ever One with the Sun. The Sun may seem to be shining on your back, but you are also the Sun that is shining on yourself. You are the Sun of My heart radiating on Earth. The acorn does not even fall from the tree.

That is it

Heavenletter # 670 Published on: August 20, 2002

God said:
As We sit together right now, ask Me what I want. What do you imagine that I want?

If you were to speak words for Me, what would you have Me say through you?

And if you, as I, could not say a word, what would you convey with your arms?

I will tell you what it would be. You would hold your arms out upward as an offering, offering Heaven to all. "Here is Heaven for you," your arms would say.

And if you could use only one hand, you would place it as a blessing on the head of each one before you. The blessing would be simply in turning the hand over so that it is emptied and the offering delivered. My message that your hand would convey is: "Yes, now you have Heaven. I have given it to you."

That is it.

All your creative ideas are

All your creative ideas are grapes you pluck from the vine of My heart. My love in the form of ideas flies to Earth, and you grasp My ideas.

This is from Heavenletter #2130, Love in the Form of Ideas

I came across this Heavenletter published today in Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Magazine.

How did I ever miss this one?!!!!

How did I ever miss this one?!!!!

Rereading this much later, it suddenly hits home full blast. Now at least I know how I miss things even when they are in bold and purple.

We would simply sing

Let Your Life Speak for You
Heavenletter #1830 Published on: November 25, 2005

If all in the world went according to their true ability, there would no need for My words. You would not need them. Therefore, I would not give them. We would simply sing instead.

Peace will silently walk in

New Year of Fulfillment
Heavenletter #2959 Published on: December 31, 2008

God said:
This is it, beloveds, this is the Year of Change. Not just change. Year of New Beginnings. Year of Unsurpassed Dreams and Their Fulfillment. This is the year that Heaven and Earth meet. They blend. They more clearly become one. This is the year you have been waiting for, and now it is at hand. Just a little more tipping of the Universe, and the old will drop away, and the new will arise.
This is the ending of the old ways of thinking and living. This year is the beginning of the new ways of thinking and living.
And that is how Peace will silently walk in and establish itself, without fanfare, even without declaration. You will look up, and you will see that Peace is sitting beside you on the park bench, and Peace will be smiling at you, and your heart will leap in joy.


I haven't any word to say what fantastic idea this is. Jocken and Bonnie, my surprise to find this palce in the forum was exciting! I have in my pc a file when I copied much short phrases from Letters that keep me hight.
But I will read yours in silence for your work is most important and in perfect balance.

Strong hugs


No way, Pitta.

No way, Pitta. Out with it!

But seriously, dear, everyone is invited to post Heaven quotations that "keep us high".

The idea I had was to post things that don't have to be strikingly profound in a philosophical sense, nothing too serious or important but something rather simple that gives you the feeling of a "garden of flowers" or whatever it is that connotes at-home-ness with God for you, Paradise regained. Should make you feel good inside, that's all.

Unless you can cry from the

Unless you can cry from the depth of yourself, how can you laugh from the depth of yourself? I do not mean a titter. I mean laughter that shakes your whole body and means something to you. I mean laughter refreshing like tears.

HEAVEN #2231 Love Rising January 3, 2007

Yes, you are My perfect creation now as you are. Yes, you are beautiful as you are, and yet, you have not revealed yourself. If you are inspiration, then you must inspire. You must stir and be stirred. What have you been waiting for?

Heavenletter # 1639 Published on: May 1, 2005

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

One Flower, Heaven #1571

Suddenly, the way the moving sunlight in its yellowness falls on a red flower and the flower's green leaves breaks your heart. The sun light has moved on now and it alights on another flower and another tree and another person. The sun is dispassionate. It means no offense by moving on nor does it mind that it leaves your view and the flower you loved with all your heart for this split second of eternity. It does not mourn leaving at all. The sun knows it is always.

I am not heartless

When your little child cries over a broken toy as if there was never anything so meaningful, how distraught are you? When you little child can’t find her doll and is distraught, you help her find it. For your child’s sake, you do not make light of the tragedy, yet you know it is not a tragedy at all except as how your child views it.

At the same time, you see how lovely it is that your child cares, cares so much about a toy or a doll or a blanket, and that your child sees its dolly’s wounds as loss or tragedy. Am I not at least as good as you? I see your tragedies in the same way. I treat you seriously, yet, all the while inside, I laugh, not at your bereavement, but in the knowing that there is no real cause for you to mourn. I do not let you see Me laughing because I address you where you are. I do take cues from you. I am not heartless. I would that you would laugh with Me. If you saw the vastness I see, you too would not be able to stop laughing.

My dear, my dear, you have

My dear, my dear, you have answered a question the last night I asked to God! (perhaps He told me by you? it is the same thing!)
But my thanks to you, dearest friend of mine, my thanks to you.

Dear Pitta, I am absolutely

Dear Pitta, I am absolutely sure that Heavenletters have all the answers we will ever need. Just ask your heart to kindly find for you whatever answer you need at the moment. It will – on its own or through someone like Jochen or through the Generator or through some seeming "quirk of fate". Trust. Say "Yes!" to your need to understand and yor ability to find what eases this mind that seems to believe it is supposed to be troubled. Well, you are already doing that, right?

If you were the sky

On a Journey of Infinity
Heavenletter #1466

If the sky could be something you see out there away from you and yet be vibrant in your heart, wouldn't you be happy? If you were the sky that sees itself through your eyes, wouldn't you like that?

tea and crumpets

Imagine the Sun
Heavenletter #2397

And you are a whirling dervish who spins in tempo to earth changes and doesn’t notice the spinning, and so your chakras spin, and so the earth spins, and so there are seeming revolutions of the sun, and so there is grist for the mill of vagrant time.

Imagine the Earth within its crust a fast-growing giant tree. And you are the roots of this giant tree, and you are its branches ever-rising to the Heavens above, ever-growing, evergreen, ever springing to Heaven.

Imagine the sun shining on this pastoral scene. Imagine the sun’s rays nourishing this growing tree. Imagine the clouds like sailing ships beckoning to the tree. Imagine the rain answering the trees’ thirst. Imagine the skies opening up and revealing a picture of the world that few have seen, and now the tree grows taller. It grows all the way to Heaven and makes its home there, establishes itself once and for all, sits itself down, puts its feet up, relaxes, reads the newspaper, smokes a pipe, makes conversation with all the angels who serve it tea and crumpets, and I come in and sit down too, and Earth and I are companionable, comfortable in speech and in silence, old friends who like to be together for old time’s sake as we look out the windows of Heaven and see the beautiful timeless spring as it blossoms, blossoms on an Earth, lighted from within all the Beings who believe they inhabit Earth and have not yet discovered they are in Heaven.

a new parallel world of words

Always better, dear Jochen, always better. Pitta

Your Soul and You

Your Soul and You
Heavenletter #722 Published on: October 13, 2002

God said:
Savor the pleasures of life. A cup of tea. A walk. A meeting with another soul. A parting. Partake of life while you are a Human Being on earth but also remember you are soul. This is not a problem. There is not a battle going on between your Humanness and your soul. Each is for the other. They are compatriots. Your Humanness is an opportunity. Your soul and what you identify as you are not on opposite sides. You are not one OR the other. You are deeply part of each other, and there is no contradiction unless you say so.

The coincidences become even more amazing

Beloved Jochen, as I received notice of your post and went to read it, guess what I had been writing about for a bio for the TV interview I will be doing in Las Vegas in November. I had just divided my life into Before God and Since God. I had just been writing about all the contradiction in my childhood and now was about to tell about the one contradiction in my life now, and that is: reconciling the human and the Divine. And now I read your post.

From my side, it is as if God nudged you, Jochen, told you to put that quote there because God wanted me to be reminded of it. Perhaps He wanted me to include it in what I was writing. I do know I am blown away by the connectedness of what you posted and what I was writing!

Thank you.

How wonderful a sense of

How wonderful a sense of connectedness is, how good it feels and how true it is, precious one. The solution to that seeming contradiction seemingly needing reconciliation is in the last words of the quotation, isn't it. We'll just do our best to not "say so" any more – except in interviews, of course; except, that is, for the sake of of historical accuracy. Goodness, this may sound as if I wanted to teach something. I don't. I'm really only hijacking your post, forgive me, because today I found that childlike God babble may be the new order of the day, replacing all of that reasonable stuff. In the Heavenletter before this one (#721), earlier on today I read:

God said:
Try this: When you wake in the morning, say to yourself: "God is looking out for me right now. God is always looking out for me."
During the day, remember those words, and let them run through you. They are far more wakening than coffee. They are far more nourishing than doughnuts.

And in the park I found myself saying silently, "I'm walking on God, my steps are lovingly held." In short, the end of sophistication seems in sight, and we will come back to very simple and powerfully convincing things like what we started out with here: feeling connected.

Bringing God in ...

Jochen, I don't often contribute to the forums, but I do so enjoy reading the golden nuggets you mine. Your reply to Gloria, well, almost beyond speech. So beautiful and how it resonates--you brought tears to my eyes. 'My steps are lovingly held ...' Thank you.

Thank you, Pam. Yes,

Thank you, Pam. Yes, resonance is the whole point. Remember the thing about American Indian names in a fairly recent Heavenletter? Being bold enough, perhaps reckless, outrageous and immodest enough to find words or images that really stir your heart, and not care wheter they are conventionally acceptable or whether they fit the self-image I have tried to maintain all those years. Why not "She-Came-Walking-Across-the-Poppy-Fields-Trailing-Clouds-of-Glory"? If that is what resonates, then why not, why not state the most profoundly and tenderly longed for things as reality? How many times does God urge us to think new thoughts, original ones, our very own ones – thoughts we never dared to think but would oh so love thinking if only they were allowed, if only there was a chance they could pass as "reasonable". They are. I think that our most "unreasonable" longings are our true Reality.

the nickelodeon of life

I Have Given You the World, Heavenletter #1221

If you have been thinking that the world is a mess, then let your attention alight on something that is right with the world. Maybe water flows from the tap. Maybe a bird sings the glories of life. Maybe you can do a somersault or touch your toes or wiggle them. Maybe your headache is less. Maybe somewhere a flower is blooming. Maybe a carpenter hammers, a child laughs, a baby is born. Maybe, just maybe, there is a God of Love winding the handle of the nickelodeon of life.

Together We will ravish illness

The Courtyard of God's House
Heavenletter #1706

Have you ever been in a room, and it takes you a moment to realize that someone else is there?

In Our case, it may have taken you eons to realize Who is always with you, never apart from you.

It is preposterous to imagine that I ignore you. Even in tight spots, I am with you. You do not know how many times I have rescued you. Even in pain, I am with you. You don’t know how many times I have soothed you. It goes without saying that in supposed death, I am with you.

Acquaint yourself with Me. Know My presence, and the emergencies in the world will retreat. Together We will ravish illness. There will be no cause for it. It will simply disappear. Before Our very eyes, cruelty will melt into kindness. Strife will be abandoned. There will be no use for it.

Jochen dear, thank you

Jochen dear,

thank you !!!!!!!

Infinite Love

The Movement of

The Movement of Life
Heavenletter #143 Published on: March 21, 2001

And a flower pot in a tenement window has its audience and gives its signal of more, of something, of something you want and cannot quite name or fathom.

I am a very comfortable Old Hat

I am not a new experience to any one of you. I am an old experience. I am from the beginning with you. Remembering Me is not remembering about Me. It is being in the moment with Me. In this moment.

You are not self-conscious with Me. I am Old Hat, My dears. I am a very comfortable Old Hat. I am not a New Hat. I am not startling.

the Ocean's love

An Affinity of One
Heavenletter #1480 Published on: December 6, 2004

God said:
Everyone has an affinity with the Stars, Sun, and Moon. Everyone holds them precious. Mountains and forests rest within you as well. Oceans wash over you in their love for you. Even in your thought of the Ocean, you feel its power. Even if you have never seen the Ocean, you know it well. It has come to you in your dreams and left you crests of love. Some of this briny love you spill out in tears, for even your tears are the Ocean's love, and the Sun's and the Moon's and the Stars' and every living thing's.

this exquisite combo

If you could accept a little bit of what I say, if you could accept, really accept, the tiniest fraction of the Truth that you and I are One, you would clearly embody Me already, and Earth would flourish in ways not even fully dreamed of. Whatever your dreams of Heaven on Earth, they fall short. They do not begin to touch the reality of One Heaven/One Earth. I think We will call this exquisite combo Hearth. There will be no need for Heaven to be a haven, for the haven will be life itself. Spas will not be needed. Life itself will be rejuvenating. The water from the faucet will be like wonderful pure sparkling water, delivered from the once Heaven that is now Earth. No one will be able to tell the difference between Heaven and Earth, for they will have become Hearth. No one will ooh and aah and say, “Is this then Heaven?” No one will groan and say, “Is this Earth? Is this all it is?”

One Verse Heavenletter #2141

One Verse
Heavenletter #2141 Published on: October 3, 2006

God said:
You came to Me during the night. You left your cares with Me. I took them. You were awake in My arms as your body slept. Blessed are you who sleep in My arms, and so blessed are you ever upon Earth.

It is not that you forget yourself in sleep. It is that you have true remembrance. Not even remembrance, because you experience anew the refreshment of closeness to Me. Your mind wanders no longer. You find the sweet nectar of Oneness that you have been seeking. You come up against it, and meld with it. You let go of all that was other. No wonder you love sleep. No wonder you bury your head in it. You may have thought that you are in a deep cloud as you sleep, but, in sleep, you are in the bright sunshine. And it is, when you suppose yourself awake, you sleep. You sleepwalk until sleep ascends once more, and you are awake. Will you remember now?

But, beloveds, you have only the guise of unawareness, for your awareness penetrates without pause. There is nothing that you don’t know, don’t have. There is no love that you are out of nor absent from. You have total happiness always, even when your mind drifts far away from it.

let Me do it

When something is hard for you to do, call on Me. Allow Me to be by your elbow. Allow Me to help.

Invite Me. Even though I am already here, invite Me. Let Me be your Life Assistant.

What is it that is hard for you to do today? A telephone call? Let Me do the dialing for you. Let Me speak for you.

What is hard for you to do today? You have to make an appearance, perhaps give a talk? Why, let Me do it. Know that I stand with you, and I will do the talking for you. Tell Me, beloveds, what is too hard for you to do when you know I am solidly with you?

If knowing that you cannot go anywhere without Me, if knowing you cannot be subjected to anything without Me, might that make a little difference for your happiness? I want it to.

When you leave the house in winter, you remember to take your coat. Then take Me along with your coat. And if it is the cold of winter and you do not have a coat, then let Me be your coat. And if it is the heat of summer, and you are in a desert, and there is no tree, and you don't have a hat to give you shade, let Me be your shade. If you have to walk twenty miles, and your legs are tired, well, then, let Me be your legs, or let Me take you on My shoulders.

There is more to come

With or without nonexistent problems, We will commune. With or without words, We will commune. We will sit and hold hands. Perhaps Our eyes will talk in silence. Perhaps We will commune on levels not yet thought of, let alone realized.

There is more to come, My dearests, and We shall walk fields of flowers together. We shall sigh in great sweetness. We will say Ah, how beautiful. Our eyes will melt the world, and We will soar higher and higher. That is figurative speech, of course, for We shall soar in spacelessness. Our embrace will be total Oneness. We shall be such stillness of wonder that separation cannot exist even as a thought. Oneness instead.

in your lifetime

Have fun on Earth, and take jaunts to Heaven. Make it your vacation home. Come to Heaven every weekend. Midweek too. All year long. You will never tire of it. It will always be new. There is such an enlivenment here. It is a tourist haven. It's like being in a divine jewelry store where prisms of light are reflected to an astonishing degree, where the light is cozy and warm, where it sparkles like wheels of light, where it is like stars sparkling off stars, where hearts bounce, where everything is familiar and yet new. Certainly there is no old here.

You can find it on Earth too. You will find it on Earth. You are raising Earth to Heaven. It is a short hop, skip, and jump.

This will happen in your lifetime on Earth. You will experience Heavenness. While you are still in your body, you will experience the solidarity of Heaven. You will be immersed in it. You will be smothered in it, and you will breathe more freely.

What are you going to say?

"I do hear you, and I do want you to speak your heart. I want no pretense. I would far rather you protest than not speak to Me at all. Speak to Me.

"Finish your ranting and ravings, and then, when you are finished, We can get down to the business of life. Now We are going to play cards. Now We are going to get down to it.

"Seriously, what would you like from Me? Do not be struck dumb because I am sitting down with you. I give you more than three wishes. I say to you to speak your heart. Spill out your heart to Me. And when you have finished your grievances, then We can get down to it. Two good-hearted hearts can speak. Speak your heart of hearts to Me. What are you going to say?"

a cabin you can come to

"What if you could live in a wordless place which had greater meaning than any amount of words or sentences or books?

"What if you could live in a world of meaning and never leave it?

"What if you could live in a world so beyond meaning that meaningful could only be less?

"When you have a thought of Me, it is a like a mini-vacation, a day off or a moment off. You do deserve a break. And you have a cabin you can come to.

"Some day you will stay here..."

Oh, wow, beloved Jochen,

Oh, wow, beloved Jochen, thank you for bringing us back to this page of God's quotations. This is fabulous. All the quotations steal my heart. How quickly I forget them. How grateful I am to be reminded. An e-book of quotations from Heavenletters™.

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Heavenletter #3996 The

Heavenletter #3996 The Vastness of Creation

I set up a sky so that you might have a glimpse of the Vastness of Creation. I climbed a tall ladder and pasted the stars in the night. Or I leaned down from a cloud and dropped the stars into the night sky. Or I set candles up all over the network of the sky and lit them every night so you may see them and have an idea of majesty.

Lovely place, so calm and

Lovely place, so calm and cozy even among all these words. Makes one want to add to this atmosphere of ease.

The Source and Goal of All Love
Heavenletter #2556 Published on: November 24, 2007

God said:
When your heart aches, whatever the perceived cause, your heart is aching for Me.

When you feel that something is missing in your life, no matter how clear nor how vague your feeling, it is I you are longing for.