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God & Me

Hello everyone my name is Steve I'm new to the forum although been listening to the heaven letters on youtube for about 6 months. Anyway this is the 1st time I've spoke of this and part of me feels like " I don't know how you've got the nerve" but here goes, so how creation is prime creator wanted to know himself etc split into 2 "mother father god" Now as I understand it in a family tree type scenario everyone descends from the mother, while on the other side you have prime creator ................. and me. lol basically I'm looking to see if this is true I'm led to believe my Guardian angel is Arch Angel sandelphon , who is also Sananda , who is also Jesus who is my higher self. Also that the creator over lights me!!!!!!!!!.
Now unfortunately "no judgement" I got myself locked up in prison late in the day on 28/8/2008 "read the heaven letter on the 29th number 2835 but much more significant the 30th which is number 2836 For me these are obviously on about me Incidently I've been on my spiritual journey about a year to my knowledge although all my life without my knowledge. Also I was released on the 20/1/2012 heaven letter 4074 I'm not a bad person in fact if I say so myself I've a heart of gold I've never harmed anyone just terrorised by the system " I was growing cannabis" Anyway I would love some confirmation on all this or simply to hear what you all think I've only mentioned the Jail thing because the letters seem to back up what I'm saying and most days it's like gods talking to me because if I'm honest I've just not been the same since prison. It seems to have taken something from me "not to mention all my money which was legit through property that I'd earned. All this has left a happy go lucky person destroyed and depressed although I believe I've just about battled back from all that now JUST. phew......... so there you go, whats everyone saying

Dear Steve, I'm not sure I

Dear Steve, I'm not sure I understand what you are asking, my friend. I am not swift with the intellect. I'm also not sure of how valuable the intellect is to us. The intellect may build a case, and yet it may not be more than another opinion. Wishing you all blessings, Steve.